Disclaimer: I’m very excited to announce that I am now accepting sponsors/affiliations and am open to hosting product reviews/giveaways! That being said, I will work with companies, ecommerce sites, Etsy shops and bloggers based on product relevancy. Basically, if it doesn’t mesh with my personal style, it doesn’t have a place on Verbal Mélange. Not sure if you fit the bill? Email me with a link to your site!

Product Reviews
I don't accept payment for product reviews, but I will accept samples. I do ask to have final say on the actual item being reviewed (within reason, of course) to ensure that I stay true to the personal style I’ve established on Verbal Mélange. Samples are not returned. I always give only honest and fair opinions of products. At this time, I do not require you to advertise with Verbal Mélange, though I will negotiate discounted ad rates if I review your product.

I would love to host a giveaway from your company, ecommerce site, Etsy shop or blog! Giveaways will include links to your website and/or social media sites as provided by you. These links can be a requirement for eligibility (i.e., follow “yourcompany” on Twitter to enter this giveaway). Giveaways will run from a Monday to a Friday, unless otherwise discussed, and will be promoted on my Twitter, Facebook page and blog. At this time, I do not require you to advertise with Verbal Mélange, though I will negotiate discounted ad rates to anyone who lets me host a giveaway.

If you would like to host a discount code or other promotion on Verbal Mélange, you must buy an ad, make me an affiliate, let me host a giveaway or let me review a product.

At this time, I am trying to focus more on giveaways, reviews and discounts/promotions, and less on paid-for ads. However, if you are interested in purchasing an ad, I currently have three ad sizes available:

There are limited numbers of each ad size available each month, so please let me know which size and which month you are interested in! I will negotiate discounted rates if you’re interested in doing a affiliation, giveaway or product review with me. Ads are listed with the largest ads at the top, and are rotated within each size grouping to ensure maximum visibility. As an extra bonus, I will highlight my sponsors who purchase a "large" ad in a monthly round-up post that will include photos and links.

Unfortunately, I am no longer participating in affiliate/link-based ads or sponsorships.