Thursday, June 30, 2011

A perfect storm

Today seems to be one of those days where everything aligns all the worst ways. This outfit is what happens when:

- You wake up with a migraine. You take your prescription, but it knocks you out so hard that you oversleep and are pressed for time. Your head doesn't hurt, but you feel like you haven't slept in days.
- You're doing a 30 for 30 challenge and you have been too busy/lazy/forgetful to do laundry all week. So instead of 30 items to choose from, you have about five.
- You are me.

items: 13, 18, 20, 24
necklace: gift from Matt
bracelet: don't remember

I'm not entirely disappointed in this outfit, but I definitely could have done better. Ah, well. There's always tomorrow, no?

And of course, there's the long weekend to look forward to. If you ask me, one of the best perks of working in an office is that they pay you to not work on days like the Fourth of July. Awesome.

Finally, two questions: Anyone else experiencing issues with Blogger in Draft and Google Chrome? They do not like each other. Which is sad, because I like them both on their own. Oh, Blogger, don't make me choose! And the second question: If you haven't given me feedback on a possible name change, could you take two seconds and let me know what you think by clicking here? I'll give you a hug :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feedback request!

So I'm thinking of changing my blog name. I like Verbal Mélange, and it's certainly descriptive, but I feel like it's a little inaccessible. Plus, no one I've talked to really knows how to pronounce "mélange" (may-lahnge). I'm kind of leaning toward some variation on "mix it up" or something. Reason being, I don't do too much clothes shopping for budgetary reasons, so I'm constantly remixing what I already own. Other reason, it still accurately describes the purpose of the blog. That is, I'd still be posting about clothes, but once in a while I'd "mix it up" with a post about DIYs, or home décor, or food, or whatever.

So. What do you all think? Stay the same, or (haha) mix it up?

UPDATE: Please also consider something like "Verbal Medley." Got an awesome suggestion from a bloggy friend, Loren of Halcyon Days (youshouldcheckherout).

A giant thank you!

I realized that I've never really said this before, so I'm saying it now. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who reads/subscribes to/follows this blog. To the nearly 45 of you that follow me via RSS feeds, Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin', THANK YOU! To those who follow me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, THANK YOU! And to those who just pop in from time to time, another big THANK YOU!

And, just so you all know, you can follow me through any of the aforementioned platforms via the buttons on the right ;) Okay, okay. I'm done with that. On to the clothes!

items: 3, 5, 27
belt: thrifted
necklace: Figleaf

This is actually the very first time I've ever worn a dress as a skirt. (It's this dress, if you were wondering.) And since this shirt is so see-through, I actually had to tuck the top part of the dress down into the skirt itself. So it's a little poofy, but I think the belt helps keep it in check. Personally, I love this's like I just gained another eight or so skirts, without spending a cent! That's always a bonus, amiright?

Also, is Blogger being weird for anyone else lately? Deleting codes that are supposed to be in every post, not letting you center photos in WYSIWYG mode, etc?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breakfast burgers

It's been a while since I did a recipe post, mainly because it's been a while since I've actually cooked something delicious and not just fried some chicken to serve with instant mashed potatoes and frozen veggies. Let's face it...summertime is not exactly made for spending in a hot kitchen.

But I had this photo sitting in my "unposted photos" queue, so I figured why not? It may not look very pretty, and in fact it's quite messy to eat, but this burger was deeee-licious!

- 1/2 lb ground turkey
- parsley
- garlic powder
- 6 slices bacon (I used applewood smoked)
- 5 eggs
- cheese (I like Colby-Jack, but cheddar is also good)
- 4 English muffins

In a large bowl, combine the ground turkey, one egg, and a dash each of parsley, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Don't over-season, you just want to give your burger a little background flavor. (Note: You can see from the photo that I didn't do this next step, but trust me, it's a modification that will make chowing down a bit easier.)

Chop the bacon into small pieces (it helps to stick it in the freezer for about 15 minutes first) and add it to the turkey burger mixture. Mix everything together really well, incorporating the egg into all of it so the burgers won't break up.

Shape the meat into 8 mini-patties. You want them to be relatively flat, and slightly larger than the circumference of the English muffins, because the patties will shrink up a bit when you cook them. Cook in a frying pan over medium-high heat for a few minutes on each side to get a good sear on the outside, then reduce heat and cover with a lid, cooking for several minutes more on each side.

While the patties are cooking over low heat, crack the other 4 eggs into another skillet that's been sprayed with cooking spray (or, if you're a fat kid at heart like me, grease up the pan with butter). Break the yolks and fry those babies up! (Again, you'll notice I cooked my egg over-medium, so the yolk was still runny. While this was delicious, it was also really messy and really difficult to eat. I definitely suggest yolk-breakage.)

Just before the burgers are finished, top them with the cheese of your choice. Cover again for about a minute so the cheese will melt. Divide the fried eggs into 8 sections and top each burger with one. Each burger will be relatively small, so this recipe will really only serve four. Two mini-burgers is a great portion size :)

And the best part? These taste great in the morning or for dinner. Yum!

Rough start to the morning

You know how some mornings, you spend so long on your hair that you barely have time for anything else? Yeah, this was one of those mornings. And the most annoying part is that I didn't even get my hair to cooperate with me. Fortunately, I had an idea of what I was going to wear, and I can do my makeup in about 5 minutes if I need to, so I'm not running too far behind this morning. Still. Annoying.

items: 12, 21, 27
cami: Marshall's
belt: Target
necklace: don't remember

I guess I need to buy more jewelry when this challenge is over. It seems like nearly every piece I own is labeled as "don't remember." Or worse, I bought it at Claire's years and years ago and I'm just too embarrassed to admit it. I need grown up jewelry.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Halfway there!

Yup, it's day 25 of the 30x30 challenge. I must say, I'm pretty surprised that I've made it this far without too many struggles. Of course, there are a few pieces I haven't even touched yet, so I'll have to make sure I work those in. These shoes were one of those pieces, but I got 'em today.

Just for the record: I love these shoes. I don't care that they make me nearly six feet tall (I'm 5'8" in bare feet). I say, tall girls should be able to love wedges and heels too!

items: 1, 25
necklace: DIY'ed bracelet: don't remember ribbon belt: came with a shirt I don't even have anymore

I've decided to go back to posting three shots instead of just two. It gets hard to pick just two images if you have a lot of really good ones!

Oh, and rest assured, folks: I ordered a new tripod on Amazon the other day. Should get here soon, I hope. The best part? It's a big-girl tripod. The kind that stands 50 inches tall and all that. Not the bendy Gorillapod I used to use. It was nice, but it limited my locations to places that had something for it to grip onto. When I get my new tripod, I'll be able to shoot anywhere!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outfit 14

Notice, I don't say "day 14." That's because I actually wore this on Friday, day 12. I changed out of my work clothes into this for ComFest. For you non-Columbusites, ComFest is Community Festival, and in a nutshell it's a kind of hippie concert/arts sale/food cart awesomeness. And it lasts three days. And it's awesome.

So this is what I changed into. Something relaxed but still stylish, I think, and comfortable for walking around in. It was a little cool Friday night, so I'm glad I went for the long pants instead of a dress!

items: 7, 15, 26
belt: came w/ a skirt from Spotted Moth
purse: "Coach-style" crossbody from NYC
necklace/bracelet: don't remember

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking of yesterday's post, in which I wore this exact shirt. And you're doing the math, realizing I wore the same shirt two days in a row. To be honest, I felt like a terrible blogger on Saturday morning when I donned this shirt. And you know, I decided I just wanted to be comfortable. Guess I know where my loyalties lie, when it comes to comfort, eh? ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturdays are for relaxing, right?

Not today, apparently. After a little sleeping in (10? 10 is sleeping in now? God, I am old...) and a cup of coffee, I have been running errands all day. And now we're about to run out again, this time to meet some friends down at the lake and do a little one-night camping sesh. In our friend's old camper. Should be fun :)

items: 7, 17, 28
sunnies: Target

You get to see my sunglasses today, since I didn't put on any makeup. Hooray!

And now, I must run. Have a lovely weekend, all!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jump for joy!

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic. But I had a really, really great day yesterday, and I wanted this post to reflect that. So I decided to do a "jump for joy" shoot. On my first attempt, I got a perfect jump shot, but my face looked goofy:

So I tried again. Several more times. And wouldn't you know, I just could not get the timing right!

So I gave up on that and went back to regular outfit shots.

items: 11,15,24,26
necklace: The Limited
watch: Walmart
bracelets: various, years ago

I swear, our deck is not dangerously tilted. Slightly not-level-anymore, yes. But my photo taking is kind of janky at the bendy-tripod broke, so I've resorted to propping my non-bendy tabletop tripod up on a chair, which means I'm shooting up at an angle, and it makes things look all out of whack. I'm getting a better tripod, I promise.

Now, as for my awesome day yesterday. I got some really awesome news, which I unfortunately cannot share for another week. But trust me. It's pretty sweet. Then I set the ball in motion for what may *possibly* be my first giveaway. Stay tuned on that one!

In the afternoon, Matt and I signed a lease on a house! I'm thrilled about this. Our apartment is nice, but we found out they're raising rent if we stay, and the place is definitely not worth it. So this house has a fenced-in yard (you better believe I'm going to start begging for a puppy!), a dishwasher, a washer-dryer in the basement, and a lovely mid-size closet that I'm going to commandeer and make into an awesome mid-size closet. Pretty excited. We move in September :) Expect some awesome decorating posts!

Finally, I went to a Tweetup event for Cbusr, this online community of young professionals in Columbus. I had so much fun! I got to chat with the guy who made the site, as well as a social media mogul who is basically the most awesome girl ever. And I met a few new friends as well, which is always great.

Phew. Longest post I've done since starting this blog. Sorry for jabbering your ears off...I'm just excited!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's black and white and 50s all over?

This outfit, of course. I don't know what I was thinking when I put this dress in my 30. I never wear it except at weddings and such. So what made me think I could style this for work or play? I suppose I was trying to challenge myself, but really. This may be a bit much.

items: 4, 10, 27
necklace: gift

I do love how this skirt twirls :) Oh and please excuse the poor color quality in these shots...I'm running late this morning and the sun was just NOT cooperating. Nor was the wind, hence the crazy hair in that top shot. Oh well. Not all posts can be winners, I suppose.

Anyway, I feel super 50s in this outfit. I think it's a combo of the skirt's shape, with the illusion of a high waist that this chambray shirt gives me. And the pearls. Oh, the pearls.

My dad goes to China sometimes for work, and he always brings us home presents. One time, it was a gorgeous strand of pink pearls for each of my sisters and I, and a black strand for my mom. He picked out the pearls himself and watched them get strung at the Pearl Market. I don't remember what my brothers got that time...but it probably wasn't jewelry, haha.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick announcement

Just wanted to pop in to say that today on Columbus Socialite, I'm the featured "What's in my bag?" guest! You can check out the post here.

Columbus Socialite is written by my coworker Ashley Curl, who is just about the nicest girl you could meet. Her blog is a great read for anyone living in the 'bus, and for anyone outside the city who just wants to read fun features on Columbus dwellers and events.

Oh yeah, and Ashley called me a "fashionista." I now have the biggest grin on my face.

This post has no coherent message.

Today is one of those days where, if I weren't doing the 30x30 challenge, I would have thrown on a T-shirt and some slacks and posted photos of a backup outfit or what I made for dinner last night (tacos, by the way...yum). But instead, I stood in front of my closet for ages, lamenting the lack of colored shirts in my 30 items, and threw on...two T-shirts, some slacks and a vest. What an improvement.

items: 5, 6, 9, 23, 28
necklace: The Limited

Wearing three shirts wasn't exactly what I had in mind today, but what can I say? I like to layer. Good thing the office is kept approximately cold enough to freeze water. I exaggerate, but not by much. It's cold.

In other news, I have had that stupid credit report commercial song stuck in my head all dang morning. You know the one..."free cause that's how it ought to be my brother / credit cause you need a loan for one thing or another..." I could go on. I know the whole thing. And it's driving. Me. Crazy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Close Call

I seriously cannot believe how much rain we're getting this year. It's supposed to be thunderstorms all week, and it rained or was otherwise dreary all weekend. Luckily, the mornings have been relatively clear so I'm able to get my outfit photos done. Thank goodness for small conveniences, I suppose.

I take that back. It's definitely thundering outside right now. And my camera battery is charging as I write, so I still have to take these photos. Aahhh!

items: 12, 18, 20
tank: Walmart
necklace: Figleaf
bracelets: various

I had to crop out my face in that closeup because I had this making a weird/worried look that was definitely not flattering. I don't like getting rained on! But I got the shots, at least. Not a moment too soon, either...the clouds are definitely rolling in quickly. I'm sure it'll start raining by the time I hit "post." The things I do for you, readers. Good thing I like you all so much ;) haha

On second thought, I'm really not a fan of these...they don't show off the outfit as much as I'd like. Maybe I'll get super lucky and it'll clear up this afternoon, and I can re-shoot them. Fingers crossed.

And sure's the rain.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last change. For reals.

This is the last 30 x 30 substitution I'm making. It's just that the teeny LBD I originally included (#3) was intended for my birthday and that only, and I didn't feel like wearing it. Then my grandma gave me this awesome dress as a gift, and I had to wear it right away, so I swapped it out. But this is the final change. Promise.

items: 3, 24, 27
bracelets: from Uganda
necklace: Global Gallery

I didn't want to throw on the cardi, but it gets so darn cold in my office sometimes! Lately the AC has been on the fritz, though, so maybe it'll be a little warmer than an icebox today.

In other news, I've been wanting a paisley-inspired dress for a while, and I'm loving them hem of this one! Thanks, Grandma :)

Lazy Sunday

I love weekends because I get to just lie around the apartment in my PJs all day if I feel like it. I hate weekends during the 30 x 30 challenge because I'm forced to get dressed at some point, and presumably go out into the world so the outfit "counts," in my book.

Most of Sunday I just kind of loafed around...did a little freelance work, watched a marathon of the original Star Wars on TV with Matt. In the evening, we went over to his aunts house for a combination Father's Day/aunt's birthday/grandparents' 68th wedding anniversary party. Then Matt told them about my recent birthday and I got folded into the celebration as well. I love his family.

Anyway, this is what I wore!

items: 1, 28
cami: Old Navy
necklace: DIYed

I feel like I should be honest about these photos. I didn't technically take them yesterday. Yesterday was rainy and overcast and gross all day. These are from a week or two ago. Yes, I recycled an outfit. But you know what? The first time I went to the Arts Festival with my aunt, this time I hung out with Matt's family. No one ever knew the difference. Until just now, when I told you all about it.

Stop by again this afternoon for outfit photos from today! Gotta catch up after my posting laziness this weekend ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads out there, including my own: thanks for all that you do :)

I love my dad. He's genuinely one of the smartest people I know. Any time I need clear, unbiased advice, he's there. Any time I need financial guidance (or assistance, haha), he's there. My dad gave me the inspiration to go into journalism when I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I can honestly say that without him in my life, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thanks, Dad :)

And thanks to you, readers, for all the birthday wishes! It was a great night...Matt's and my friends did a three-bar crawl, and we closed down the final one before heading back to our place to chill a bit longer. Great birthday. I cheated on my 30 for the outfit, though, so I won't be posting it. Nothing special, anyway...just some short shorts and a low-cut top ;) haha

But this is the outfit I wore yesterday. Well, let me clarify: this is the outfit I wore for a few hours yesterday evening. Most of yesterday was spent in my PJs, recovering from the festivities of Friday. I missed the Pride parade and festival, which was really disappointing, but it rained the whole time so I can't have missed too much. (That's what I'll keep telling myself, anyway.)

items: 5, 15, 28
lace cami: Aeropostale
scarf: Arden B
necklace: thrifted

I wish this had a bit more color to it. Shame on me for not thinking to include a colored T in addition to the plain white one. But the cami matches the scarf and shoes really well, and my toenails are orange, so that's nice. And I decided to punch up the visual interest a bit with some lipstick, which I never wear. Might be hard to see in the photo, but those were some hot red lips!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Yep, today is my 23rd birthday. I like birthdays. I mean, that's kind of a dumb thing to say, because most people not having a mid-life crisis enjoy birthdays, but I really like birthdays. What's not to love about a day that's all about me? Haha. I swear, I'm not vain. I just take pictures of the clothes I wear every day and post them on the internet and talk about it. (Not helping, right?)

So anyway, I think I'm going to tweak my 30 items one last time to replace number 3, the teeny black dress, with something else. Not sure what yet, but I only put it in the 30 so I'd have something to wear out tonight. But when I put on this safari/shirt dress thing this morning, I decided this is what I want to wear out tonight. Maybe.

It'd be fun to restyle it from work to play though, right? So I might do that, and update this post with the same dress, going-out-version. We'll see how I feel around 8 tonight, haha.

items: 2, 27
scarf: The Limited
brooch: New York & Company
jewelry: really old bracelet/necklace from Claire's

So this brooch thing came with a great purple shirt I bought from New York & Company when I was shopping for work clothes last summer. I ruined the shirt with bleach (did you know bleach sometimes stays in the washer AFTER the load you use it in?) and had to toss it. Haven't really looked at the brooch since, but I thought it would make a fun hip accent with this scarf-belt. Hooray, remixing!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stepping outside the box

Today I did something a little risqué...for me, anyway. This t-shirt-and-bermuda shorts combo wasn't really doing it for me, and I was kind of stumped as to how I would jazz it up with what I'm sure is a poor selection of 30 items. Then I thought, a belt! And then I thought, two belts!! It's daring! It's bold! It's...two belts.

items: 6, 19, 28
brown belt: came with a skirt from
Spotted Moth
striped belt: no idea
jewelry: American Eagle, I think?

So, what's next for me, now that I'm breaking fashion rules? I have no idea. I feel kind of stupid wearing this, to be honest, but I'm going to go with it. A lot of trendy things are kind of dumb, if you ask me. Fake it 'till you make it!

What do you think? Do you ever wear trends or pieces that you think are kind of awkward/strange?

(Note: Sorry for the strange photo quality. I had to take photos in gross overcast lighting and had no time this morning to color adjust!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An update!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was considering dropping a couple items from my 30 and replacing them with others. Well, I wound up doing just that. After all, who needs eight pairs of shoes for a remix challenge?? That's overkill.

So I dropped two pairs of shoes and added in a pair of long pants that I can wear to work (and cuff up when it gets hot again, hehe) and a coverup. I wore both items today, because the magazine is doing a luncheon thing at a hotel downtown, and I wanted to look professional rather than trendy. So here it is:

items: 24, 13, 23, 27
watch: Walmart

That would be my "oops" face. As in "oops, should have thought about how many shoes I included in my 30" :)

In other news, it's not even 10 and I know today is going to be long and stressful. It's a great feeling.

Update: Just realized this works for the Bloggers Do It Better assignment of neon and neutrals. Go me! Really though, I'm excited to finally jump on that bandwagon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gaga news

When I started blogging two months ago, I didn't really intend to make this a semi-fan site for Lady Gaga. But she's one of my biggest role models and I'll admit it; I'm obsessed. So when I found this on Roger Ebert's Sun-Times blog, I kinda squealed a little. Love it!

In other Gaga news, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland has an exhibit on her! The meat dress is there! So is a bunch of her music and her childhood piano! Did I mention my parents live near there? I sense a field trip sometime soon.

And finally, there was a Gaga "flash choir" at the new Columbus Commons downtown today, to celebrate Pride Week. I really, really wanted to go, but I had so much work to do tonight, I decided to show some maturity and not procrastinate for once. But I'm really sad I wasn't there. Can't wait to see the video on YouTube tomorrow, or whenever it gets uploaded!

UPDATE: Here's the vid from the flash choir. I just love the guy rocking out around the 1:30 mark. Wish I could've been there :(


Well. When I selected my outfits for this challenge, I was thinking in terms of the 80+ degree weather we've been having the past week or two. So I picked mostly shorts, skirts and other warm weather staples.

Yesterday didn't get above 73. Today probably won't either. And while I'm absolutely LOVING the general feel of the weather (and being able to leave my windows open instead of running the A/C), my legs aren't really appreciating the whole temperature thing. And I refuse to wear pantyhose in June. Ew.

The only two pairs of long pants I put in my 30 are jeans and black skinnies. Not really work appropriate, unless it's a Friday. Thinking about taking out some of the shoes and replacing them with a pair or two of slacks. It doesn't count if I haven't worn it yet, right?

items: 10, 20, 27
cami: Old Navy
bracelet: street vendor in the Short North
necklace/ring: gifts

I know what you're thinking, too. No, the cami isn't in my 30. But in my book, it only counts if you wear it by itself, not as an accent piece. That's why that black tank is in my 30...I intend to wear it as a shirt, not as an undershirt.

Also, I kinda hate these pictures. The bright early morning sun kind of messed with them...will probably reshoot this afternoon. Look for better photos this evening!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bloggy awards

Holy cow, you people actually follow my blog. I mean, I know that's kind of the point of blogging, and I know that's also kind of my goal with this blog--to be read--but it still blows my mind when I connect with bloggers who I've never met in real life.

Today, one of those bloggers gave me a bloggy award! I'm so flattered that Samantha, of The Tales of Samantha Something, decided to include me in her list of new favorite bloggers. Thanks, girl!

With the award comes a few rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award by linking back to them in your post.
2. Tell us seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news!

Okay, so seven random facts. If you watched my 20SB Vlog Day post and recognize a few repeats, I apologize. I'm not really as interesting as I pretend to be ;)

1. I live with my boyfriend, Matt. We've been together for just over three years and he's pretty awesome. We're looking for a house with a yard so we can maybe get a puppy someday!

2. I'm the oldest of eight kids. I'll be 23 on Friday (!!!) and the rest are 21, 19, 16, 14, 12, 7 and 5. People usually think the 5-year-old is my kid. If my mom's around and in a good enough mood to be teased, I encourage this opinion.

3. I have lived in nine cities/towns and four states. In order: Vermont, Illinois, Illinois, Ohio, Vermont, Ohio, North Carolina, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio (those last three were a move, college and post-college, respectively). Dad works for Energizer, and they kind of shuttled him around between plants a lot.

4. I work for a local city magazine and its ancillary publications. Which is awesome because I majored in Magazine Journalism at OU, so I'm basically doing exactly what I want, career-wise!

5. I want to move out west someday. Somewhere hot and dry and desert-y and scenic. I've had it with Midwest winters!

6. My mom is my biggest role model/idol in life. She's an incredible woman (you have to be to raise 8 kids while your hubby's at work all day!) and I think that if I grow up to be half as amazing as her, I'll be lucky. My second biggest role model is Lady Gaga. (Mom, you should be super proud that you beat Gaga in the list of women I look up to. Just in case you didn't know, haha.)

7. I love crap TV, especially Family Guy. I've seen every single one and could probably tell you the plot of any given episode within the first 60 seconds. I also like to analyze character development as the series progresses :)

Okay, now for my awards:

Kelly of Enter Kelly. She's a Canadian blogger who I recently discovered. I adore her style and she has a great voice on her blog.

Kellyn of the church mouse. She's a Texan who's quirky, funny and random. And she makes awesome Polyvores!

30 x 30: day 1

Well, here we are! I'll admit I'm a little intimidated by this challenge...remixing has always been a basis of my outfit selection, but this is like extreme remixing. But I think I've got some good pieces (check out the 30 x 30 tab at the top for the full list) so we'll see how it goes!

items: 6, 22, 28

necklace: Figleaf

I've decided to stick with two photos in light of the fact that I'll be posting daily, including weekends. Plus, getting these up before work is a lot easier when I have fewer photos to sort through :)

Also, my bendy-flexi-tripod broke. I'm pretty annoyed, because now I have to drag a chair and my non-flexi-mini tripod out to my deck for photos. Lame. Amazon, here I come!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More thrift love

Remember those awesome shoes I mentioned? The ones I miraculously found at Rag-o-rama, just sitting on the shelf, waiting to be discovered? These are those shoes. And I love, love, love them.

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Guess via Macy's
Shoes: Banana Republic via Rag-o-rama
Necklace: Figleaf

The funny thing is, they're four-inch heels and they're really not all that uncomfortable. Yet another reason why they're awesome.

I wore this Memorial Day weekend, when I went out to a party with my friend Jade. She took these photos; courtesy Jade L. White Photography.

Double date!

Last night, Matt and I went on a double date with an old roommate of mine and her girlfriend. Funnily enough, we started talking about how Matt and I are house/apartment-hunting, and they mentioned that their downstairs neighbors will be moving soon. So it looks like we'll be semi-roommates once more! I'm pretty excited...she was definitely one of the best roommates I've ever had.

Anyway, the four of us went to see Shadowbox Live, a local comedy-slash-rock-and-roll troupe. It was hysterical! There was a great skit about bridezillas--loved it. And the musical performances in between skits were phenom!

Shirt: Express
Jeans: Silver via Macy's
Shoes: Target
Necklace: DIY-ed

Oh, this shirt? It's like, three or four years old and I got compliments on it last night. Awesome buy right there.