Friday, April 22, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Disclaimer: These were taken last weekend at BG. Ellen is like me in that we are both kinda messy...we just throw our stuff willy-nilly on the floor. Abby does it too. Maybe worse, haha. Anyway, when you get all three of us into a tiny tiny dorm room, it gets pretty messy. So apologies for all the stuff in the background.

I just love this outfit in general. It is the absolute comfiest outfit I own, and it is one of the most versatile too. I guess you'd say my "favorite things" are each individual element and the way they work together. The top is so flowy and breathable and soft. The black skinnies are form-fitting without stopping my circulation. The flats are, of course, flats, and the jewelry is all philanthropic in one form or another.

(Side note: I never want to take photos in anything but natural light ever again. The color on these shots is so much better than when I take photos in my dim breakfast nook.)

Did I mention it ties in the back? So cute!

Shirt: Ginger G via Marshall's
Lace tank: Zenana Outfitters via Marshall's
Black skinnies: The Limited
Shoes: Payless
Wire necklace: Global Gallery
Chain necklace: gift from Matt
Bracelets: not sure

Okay, as for the jewelry (except the earrings--those are just off-the-rack at Claire's or something). The I bought wire necklace with the dark bead at my first-ever Short North Gallery Hop. Gallery Hops are awesome in their own right and I'll probably do a separate post about them when the weather gets nice again. But the necklace. It's from Global Gallery, which is a Fair Trade store. I love supporting companies that support Fair Trade...what a great message in an otherwise cutthroat consumer market.

The bracelets I bought at Ohio University a few years back. I don't remember the name of the organization that the sales benefited, but it's similar to this program, which empowers impoverished Ugandans. The beads are made from rolled recycled paper. They're really pretty, and I like that my money is going to a good cause.

(The other necklace, with the diamond pendant, was a Christmas gift from Matt. I love that necklace to death and wear it almost every day, so you'll probably be seeing it quite often.)

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