Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feedback request!

So I'm thinking of changing my blog name. I like Verbal Mélange, and it's certainly descriptive, but I feel like it's a little inaccessible. Plus, no one I've talked to really knows how to pronounce "mélange" (may-lahnge). I'm kind of leaning toward some variation on "mix it up" or something. Reason being, I don't do too much clothes shopping for budgetary reasons, so I'm constantly remixing what I already own. Other reason, it still accurately describes the purpose of the blog. That is, I'd still be posting about clothes, but once in a while I'd "mix it up" with a post about DIYs, or home décor, or food, or whatever.

So. What do you all think? Stay the same, or (haha) mix it up?

UPDATE: Please also consider something like "Verbal Medley." Got an awesome suggestion from a bloggy friend, Loren of Halcyon Days (youshouldcheckherout).


  1. I have to admit I did not know what mélange meant until I looked it up (and then saw the definition on your 'about me)'. I do think that 'Verbal Melange' has a lot more character and charm than 'Mix it Up'. But I don't think there's any harm in changing your blog name if you aren't happy with it.

    (P.S. What about something like 'Verbal Medley' which is kind of a play on 'Verbal Melody' and is easier to say than Melange)

  2. Oh, I like Verbal Medley. Thanks, Loren!

  3. I agree with Loren, I do think Verbal Melange has a lot of character and charm. Go with whatever makes you happy. I think 'mix it up' would be too bland for you and your blog posts ;)

  4. So I just had to comment again because after discussing it with my boy toy he says that 'Verbal Melody' isn't a thing. I THOUGHT it was term for things written in pentameter like sonnets or anything by Shakespeare. I agreed to disagree with him. But in case I am wrong I wanted to clarify.
    Seriously though call the blog whatever you want :)

  5. I did the same thing with my blog not too long ago! I chose The Church Mouse 'cause I thought it sounded cool. Hah.

    I like the "mix it up" idea!


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