Friday, June 24, 2011

Jump for joy!

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic. But I had a really, really great day yesterday, and I wanted this post to reflect that. So I decided to do a "jump for joy" shoot. On my first attempt, I got a perfect jump shot, but my face looked goofy:

So I tried again. Several more times. And wouldn't you know, I just could not get the timing right!

So I gave up on that and went back to regular outfit shots.

items: 11,15,24,26
necklace: The Limited
watch: Walmart
bracelets: various, years ago

I swear, our deck is not dangerously tilted. Slightly not-level-anymore, yes. But my photo taking is kind of janky at the bendy-tripod broke, so I've resorted to propping my non-bendy tabletop tripod up on a chair, which means I'm shooting up at an angle, and it makes things look all out of whack. I'm getting a better tripod, I promise.

Now, as for my awesome day yesterday. I got some really awesome news, which I unfortunately cannot share for another week. But trust me. It's pretty sweet. Then I set the ball in motion for what may *possibly* be my first giveaway. Stay tuned on that one!

In the afternoon, Matt and I signed a lease on a house! I'm thrilled about this. Our apartment is nice, but we found out they're raising rent if we stay, and the place is definitely not worth it. So this house has a fenced-in yard (you better believe I'm going to start begging for a puppy!), a dishwasher, a washer-dryer in the basement, and a lovely mid-size closet that I'm going to commandeer and make into an awesome mid-size closet. Pretty excited. We move in September :) Expect some awesome decorating posts!

Finally, I went to a Tweetup event for Cbusr, this online community of young professionals in Columbus. I had so much fun! I got to chat with the guy who made the site, as well as a social media mogul who is basically the most awesome girl ever. And I met a few new friends as well, which is always great.

Phew. Longest post I've done since starting this blog. Sorry for jabbering your ears off...I'm just excited!


  1. I the first jumping shot looks awesome! I don't think your face looks awkward at all. Love the soft pink shirt with all the frills.

    Does your camera not have a 'multiple shots' setting? I'd never manage to get a decent shot except that my camera takes five right in a row. (Makes jump shots WAY easier.)

  2. To my knowledge, it doesn't when you're using a timer. (You can hold the button down to take 3 pics in a row, but only if someone's physically shooting/holding down the button.) Which is weird, because otherwise it's an awesome point and shoot. Should probably delve back into the manual and double check that one...

  3. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I really like your blog! - following now -


  4. You wouldn't believe how many failed jumping pictures I have stored on my'd think I'd just give up after a while. Anyway, that top is so pretty!

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