Thursday, July 14, 2011

Almost there!

That's right folks, this is my second-to-last outfit in my very first 30x30 challenge. It's definitely made me think about my closet differently, but I'll save the musings for the recap this weekend.

Speaking of weekends, today is my Friday! I actually used some of my PTO hours to take tomorrow off, since I'm staying up until 2 or 4 tonight to watch a double feature of both parts of the seventh Harry Potter film. That's right. I'm sitting down to 7 or more solid hours of HP tonight, starting at 9 pm. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Crazy in love with a certain series. I'll admit, I never liked the movies as well as I did the books (I have yet to see the sixth film, heard it wasn't true to the book at all), but this is the end of an era. I feel compelled to join in the frenzy.

Don't know if I'll wear real clothes tomorrow...I'm helping my friend paint her new apartment (after I wake up wayyyy late, haha) and then I'm catching up on a bunch of work for my freelance job. But before the weekend is over, I'll have posted my final 30x30 outfit!

For some reason, only the photos of me looking away from the camera turned out alright today. Weird.

No long-windedness today, folks. I have to swing by Kroger to pick up something dessert-y for our company picnic today (I tried to make cookies the other day and failed miserably--I am not a baker) and then I have an early meeting that will probably eat up most of my day. I'd be annoyed, but it's to select photos for the next issue of the bridal magazine that we put out twice a year. I think that's my favorite part of working on that particular publication :)

(P.S. Make sure you enter my ends tomorrow!)


  1. You look adorable! Love your shirt :) yay for short weeks

  2. Cute shirt!
    I love the Harry Potter books, but after they all came out I stopped caring about the movies. Maybe one day I'll sit down and try to watch the ones I haven't seen, but 7 hours of Harry Potter movies? That is a LOT of popcorn. Hope it is a blast!

  3. Love your top! I am so behind in my 30 for 30 I wonder if I'll finish :)

  4. congrats on almost being done with the first 30 for 30! i bet you are excited to get back to the rest of your closet.
    that top really suits you--and you have such beautiful, glowy skin!

  5. I love this shirt!
    And I'll be up until 3 this morning seeing the midnight show of Harry Potter too! The 6th movie was a little different than the book, but I have super high expectations for this last one, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.


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