Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Womp Womp

Seems to be my refrain for the past few days. Last night, Matt and I had to cancel our much-anticipated trip to New York City in August. I've seriously been looking forward to this for months, but when both your cars start having issues (and, in Matt's case, "issues" means "overheating in under three minutes of driving") and you have to put down a $700+ deposit on a house lease, dropping several hundred dollars on a trip to the Big Apple just isn't feasible. Womp #1.

Then, to add injury to insult, I got the holy mother of migraines last night. Seriously, it woke me up several times throughout the night. I barely slept at all. Thank god I had a single pill left on my prescription, or I wouldn't have made it in to work this morning. Womp #2.

Being exhausted, I put virtually no effort into this outfit. There. I admit it. If I weren't doing the 30x30 challenge, I wouldn't have blogged an outfit today at all. But, I think I salvaged it a little with the cute satin bow at the hip. No idea where this belt came from. None. Thanks, mystery belt, for saving this otherwise un-blog-worthy outfit. Womp #3.

items: 5, 18, 27
necklace: street vendor at a Short North Gallery Hop

That, my friends, is the face of exhaustion.

But, I have a non-womp tibit to share: My first giveaway! Call it the anti-womp. Have you entered yet?


  1. Sorry to hear about your vacation getting canceled :(

    But in all honesty, when I saw "womp womp," the first thing I thought of was dubstep. :\ My sister and her boyfriend love it.

  2. To bad about your cars, and your vacation. :(
    You guys should take a day off and have a 'staycation' instead. Go do something super touristy in your hometown!
    I do like your belt though.

  3. Staycation sounds fun! Matt's lived here his whole life, but there's a lot he hasn't done/seen because he's a local. And I've only been here a year :)

    I'm kind of leaning toward heading up to Cedar Point. Best. Roller coasters. Ever.

  4. Roller coaster!! That's an excellent idea!
    There ya go! Some dubstep! Plus, this guy is a crazy dancer.

  5. Your outfit has a ballerina feel to it especially with your headband and flat shoes. Cute x sorry to hear your not feeling so good.

  6. Bummer about the trip to NY being canceled. Maybe something else will come up that y'all can do :)

    Your outfit looks darling. Classic yet so chic with the touch of pink in that belt! Hope your week is going well!!


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