Monday, August 29, 2011

Moved in and a giveaway winner

Well, Matt and I are pretty much moved in to the new place! We still have some major cleaning and hole-filling at the old apartment, but we have three weeks to finish that and I think we'll take our time, haha.

The new house is coming along, slowly but surely. There are a few major changes that we'll need to make, like adding a cabinet and some counterspace in the kitchen, building a vanity in the bedroom, reworking my closet and adding lots and lots of shelving (this place has wayyy less storage space than our old one). But the good news is that our landlord is completely cool with us doing all this mini-remodels. He told us to make the place our own, so that's entirely what we intend to do! I'll get some photos up just as soon as the house stops looking like a tornado hit it. Which may be a while.

Did I mention we don't have Internet yet? (Or cable, for that matter.) Our installation appointment isn't until the 20th (!!!) so there will be a lot of coffee shops and sitting on the floor of our old apartment (thank God we didn't cancel the Internet yet) to do my blogging and freelance work. That being said, posts might get pretty infrequent until we have reliable service again, and returning comments might be even more sparse. Advance apologies for that.

But enough about my boring moving stuff. I have a giveaway winner to annonce! And it's...#9, JeNeal!

Congrats, JeNeal! I'll give your email to Ashley and she'll contact you about your print (or prints, if you choose).

Until next time, whenever that may be :)


  1. Congrats JeNeal!
    Emma, you have some pretty great giveaways, you know! :) I'm glad you're all moved in! Re-decorating is going to be so much fun!

  2. Yay, you moved! Can't wait to see pics of the new place! :)


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