Monday, September 5, 2011

Busy weekend!

You guys, I am thanking God/Allah/Buddha/whoever for the long weekend we're having. Seriously. All told, I worked nearly 60 hours last week, and I hit Saturday night like a brick wall. But Sunday I got to relax, which by my definition means I got to knock some of our house decorating projects out of the way :) And today I slept till 11 (11! It's so late! I love it!) and later, Matt and I are going to a few cookouts. Love it.

And I'm so excited to show you all the house as it's coming together! It will definitely be a work in progress for a few more months, mostly because of money limitations, but it's finally looking like people live here and not a bunch of hoarder vagrants. So that's good.

No before photos on these projects...they were just embarrassing. So here's what I did yesterday:

Living room gallery wall.

I've been wanting a gallery wall for ages, so I was really excited to get a move on with this project. I found the frames at garage sales and spray painted them black. The New York City post cards were purchased on our trip last month, and the black and white French prints were actually cut from a poster that I had a long time ago. The weird abstract thing is actually a post card from an art show I went to at OU. It's a photograph of a street in Spain. I love the urban feel of this wall! I will probably keep some of the frames blank, and add more frames/photos/post cards to the gallery as I find them.

Oh, and please don't judge us for the gross couch. We're getting slipcovers, I promise.

Vanity in the bedroom.

Our bathroom is just too tiny, with not enough counter space for me to get ready in the mornings. For some reason, I don't really like balancing my makeup and hair products on the toilet as I'm preparing for my day. So we had this shelf left from our old place, and we just attached it to the wall with some L-brackets. The shelves and the lamp were from the old apartment too, and we bought the mirror and chair at a consignment store called ReTag It. (My new favorite store, by the way. Appliances, electronics, furniture...all relatively new, all deeply discounted. Saw a Mac mini for $200 and I about died. But I digress.) I'll probably get a new, more attractive lamp at some point, and paint the shelf top, mirror and chair so they match. Probably black, maybe all white. Who knows. That's a project for a later day.

Jewelry storage.

This is a temporary solution, really. I wanted to make a more attractive, easier to access display, but I just don't have the time or money right now. I've pinned quite a few different options, so I really have to just pick one first. But there's no rush on that. I actually used Command strips to hang the cork the first time (it's what I did in the old apartment, and it held fast for more than a year). About five minutes after hanging all three cork pieces, I heard a loud CRASH from the bedroom. Yup, half my necklaces tangled on the floor. So I nailed the cork to the wall. After five minutes more, the OTHER necklaces all fell! I just gave up on the Command strips and nailed all three in. Holds much better, now :)

Shoe storage.

I used to have one of those over-the-door pocket organizers for my heels and flats. But the door in the new house just doesn't have the space for my shoes, so I had to find something else. I was actually going to buy this shelf from Target for $15, but I stopped by Goodwill and found the exact same shelf in a different color, for $3. So I grabbed that baby, slapped some paint on it, and voila! Saved $12. Made my day, haha.

I guess I should note that this is maybe half of my shoes. The rest are in my closet. My Converses (I have four pairs, haha), running shoes, etc. are in a bin, and my flip flops and sandalls are in one of those hanging compartment things. What can I say? I love shoes.

I was going to post some closet photos too, but I think that really deserves a dedicated post. I feel like a lot of bloggers have a "this is my closet" post, anyway. But it's finally organized and put away as well, so do you know what that means? Outfit photos to resume tomorrow :) Yay!

Did you have a productive Labor Day weekend? Or a deliciously lazy one? I hope so!


  1. This post makes me really, really happy! I love the pictures, and the gallery wall reminds me of my wall in my room! I've got ten black picture frames without pictures in them. It looks pretty nifty. My friend Madelyn hangs her jewelry on her bathroom wall. She just put up some pretty hooks, and drapes her necklaces around them. I'll see if I can get a picture from her. I love the way it looks!

    I'm glad you're having a great Labor Day weekend!

  2. that looks AWESOME emma! Congrats on getting all of that accomplished! I am IMPRESSED!

  3. Yay for getting organized and decorating! :)

    I am totally loving all the picture frames and your jewelry looks great all hung up! :)

  4. Look at you, organized girl!! :)

    I am loving your gallery wall. I've always wanted to do one, but I'm so, so terrible at measuring it all out and figuring exactly where everything should go. So I just enjoy the wall of others--like you!

    But I do need to channel your jewelry sorting. Mine is a disasterous ball of glitz. You've inspired me to tackle it in the next few days!


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