Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two outfits, one day

Well, I didn't actually wear two outfits today. But I'm really trying to push through these photos from my old apartment, because let's face it...the same old balcony shots have gotten pretty dull. My new backyard (squee!) isn't exactly pretty, but there's at least some room to move around. And apparently, there's a park at the end of our street. I'll have to check it out and see what opportunities (i.e. how empty it is in the mornings) there are there.

shirt: The Limited
skirt: H&M
necklace: old, semi DIYed
bracelet: Forever 21
shoes: Target

So this necklace used to have long dangly things coming from that little drop bead in the center. And one by one, the dangly things fell off. I mean, the thing is years old, and it's pretty cheap, so it's not exactly a surprise. So I just grabbed some pliers, removed the rest of the danglies, and voila! It's like a new necklace. Sort of.

Also, while I'm still on the fence with the whole maxi craze that swept through the blogosphere this summer, I have to say I am totally loving midi skirts. Maybe it's because I really like my calves (weird, right?) or maybe it's because I just like skirts that are loose and twirly. Either way, this has definitely become one of my favorite skirts since buying it in NYC.

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  1. The colors on your top are beautiful, a perfect contrast next to the black skirt!

    Dont forget to enter my $100 Nordstroms giftcard + Nars Polish giveaway!


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