Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Boot love

Yesterday, Kendi discussed her possibly-unnatural love for her closet; a discussion sparked by her new boots. I can honestly say I know exactly what she means.

Sure, mine are $30 Target boots, while hers are a much-higher-quality Nine West pair. But you know something? I don't care. These boots are comfy and awesome and I love them. Pretty sure I'm going back to Target at some point to buy them in black, and cognac, and gray if they have them. Because they are that awesome. And for $30 or so a pop, I'll have four pairs of boots for the same price as Kendi's one. That, my friends, is what I call a win.

sweater: hand-me-down from friend
tank: Old Navy
scarf: Arden B
jeggings: Burlington Coat Factory
BOOTS!!: Target
rings: gifted and American Eagle

I think it's about time to retire this sweater. It's cropped, which I don't love, and there's a tiny stain on the front, which I artfully covered with the scarf. But it has stripes. And as we all know, I'm a complete sucker for stripes. I can't help it.

In other news, is anyone interested in that clothes swap I mentioned on Monday? With Joanne? We're discussing the possibility of returning clothes at the end, if you don't have anything you want to get rid of, and we'll definitely consider including you Canada-dwellers, since the shipping wouldn't be too terrible from the States. Let me know!


  1. Total win! and I love your don't-care attitude. Shelling out cash when you got it is awesome, shelling it out when you don't (like I don't right now) is un-necessary!

    I mayyy be interested in a clothing swap! I has with held because of the obvious canuck issue. Let me know the details, and I may be in. Also, I think the return at the end could be perfect because I know I always become re-interested in an item once I let someone else borrow it and see them style it.

  2. Those boots are wonderful! I love the colour of them :)

    Like Sorren, I might be interested in the swap! I also agree with returning the clothes at the end, I just went through a closet purge so the stuff that's left is stuff that I actually love, haha!

  3. Awesome outfit. I agree with the boot love and the sometimes need to keep it inexpensive. Mine get snow and salt covered so I just feel bad spending a lot of money on a boot that gets trashed due to our nasty winter weather, Kendi does not have that problem. Lucky her. I am off to Target today:)

  4. Those boots are pretty dang fab, and you should totally go get them in all colors. Especially grey!

  5. Ohhh! Definitely in! Yay for Canadian friends....right?!
    Love those boots too, I have my eye on a flat pair just like those

  6. smart thinking! they are definitely cute, and also, i have bought some stuff at target that lasts you never know!

  7. I've been on the hunt for the 'perfect' pair of Cognac boots for a while. But I'm holding out for a nice pair. Four pair of boots is nice but I already have WAY more boots than I need. One quality pair is worth more to me than 4 cheapos.


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