Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend happenings

Tuesday isn't too late for a weekend recap, is it? I say nay. Even though I had quite the busy weekend, I still didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped. (Isn't that always the case?) But I did manage to run up to David's Bridal to buy a bridesmaid dress, stop by JoAnn Fabric and a Halloween store for costume supplies (hint: Matt and I are cross-dressing to go as a cartoon couple), get started on sewing said costumes (by hand! ugh) and work two full shifts at the restaurant/bar. In fact, I think I'll have to do an awkward/awesome post on Thursday just to detail some of the weekend. But anyway.

Matt and I also carved pumpkins! By far one of my favorite things about Halloween is carving pumpkins (and baking the delicious seeds...YUM). Can you guess which one I did?

Yeah, not too hard to guess on that one, haha. Matt went a bit metal with his. I love the effect he created by carving some thin lines, instead of actual cutouts. And the 3D horns are pretty cool too! I still think mine is fun, though.

I also got the curtain tutorial started. Just have to find a spare minute to edit those photos...sigh. Anyway, I've some outfit photos too! Because you know, I couldn't go two full days posting non-style things :)

chambray shirt: Banana Republic
tank: Old Navy
black jeggings: The Limited
belt: thrifted
shoes: Payless
trench: Esprit via Burlington Coat Factory

Clearly, I still refuse to listen to the "keep the light behind the camera" rule. When will I learn? Also, can we call these pants cigarette pants? Because I really want to. Just sounds cooler, amiright?


  1. very zooey deschanel darling, cigarette pants it is

  2. When you keep the light behind the camera you get sun in your eyes! I haven't quite figured out the sun angle thing either.
    Also, OMG Kent and I are cross-dressing as a cartoon couple too! I can't imagine it'll be the same couple... but just in case I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST! ;)

  3. Love that trench! Great outfit. And those pumpkins looks awesome! :)

  4. Nathan likes your outfit, Audrey likes your pumpkin better than Matt's but don't tell him (doesn't want to hurt his feelings), David says awesome and no one else is in the kitchen at the moment. AND we all love you very much!


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