Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blogger event!

Today, I'm going to my first-ever blogger event. It's actually pretty exciting; The Limited is opening a new store here in town, and I (along with a bunch of other bloggers) have been invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. There's some swag involved, I'm told, and that means you guys will get a chance for a little somethin' somethin' too! (Hint: Giveaway coming up!)

But for now, here are photos of one of the classiest outfits I've ever thrown together.

blazer, belt, purse: Target
dress: H&M, thrifted
scarf: also thrifted
shoes: Buckle
watch: Walmart

So I guess it's true. Even us awkward girls can clean up pretty well when we want to!

I got a few compliments on this scarf, too. One woman even told me she's have to start styling her bag with a scarf. I just wanted a pop of color, and this 25-cent piece of fabric happened to match my shoes/lipstick/belt. I told Matt that you know you're a true slave to style when you have to start accessorizing your accessories.


  1. Yes, but then you are a cute and fashionable slave to fashion! Love the red accessories with the grey.

  2. Very pretty! I hope you have a wonderful time at the event, you'll have to tell us about it for sure!

  3. LOVE that scarf, and the red!! You look great!


  4. This last photo of you is adorable. The red is great. Also a blog event! That's so cool!

  5. I absolutely love this outfit on you- it's very classy but still very on trend. Have a great time at the blogger event- I just went to one last week and they are a hoot! Looking forward to the swap- will be sending my deets tonight!

  6. I aspire to someday match two separate elements of my outfit together...maybe then I can move to lipstick/belt/shoes/purse-scarf! In all seriousness, though, you look great. Love the blazer!

  7. Love this combination! Well put together!

  8. Hi, nice to meet you. I too use a scarf on my bag. sometimes that little bit of pop is just what the dr ordered.
    Not to push my blog but............I have a trending series and it happens to feature scarves this week.
    So if you have time stop by and say hi!

  9. You look fab in the dress and hope you have fun at the event. That is one store I would love to order clothes from but they dont ship to canada! ah well, cant win everything lol

    xo Nav

  10. you look fabulous Emma...the hint of red is so classy! :)

  11. That is definitely a classy outfit! Love the red belt! Thanks for linking up and hope you have fun!

  12. the bits of red work so fantastically here! i should do the bag scarf trick more often!

    dash dot dotty


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