Thursday, November 17, 2011

Discount codes and odd neighbors

Big celebratory dance time, guys. This is my 200th post! I had wanted to do a giveaway or something like that, but I didn't want to hold the Limited giveaway I just did, and I don't really have anything new lined up. I do have some discount codes from a few of my affiliates, though!

The first is for eShakti, which I did a review of here. Use promo code EMMA0811 now through December 31 to get $20 off your order (excluding the overstock items).

The second is for INDi custom jeans. I'm new to their affiliate program, so I haven't done any reviews or anything, but you can use the code NEWINDI to get $20 off any pair of jeans (even the custom-sized ones, where you input your measurements for the perfect pair!) and get free shipping on your order. That code is good through Nov. 20, so use it soon!

sweater, button-down & slacks: New York & Company
shoes: Target
necklace: Tiffany, gifted
watch: Walmart
ring: gifted

How many people wear a Tiffany necklace with Walmart watch? Just me? Yeah, I'm super classy.

So the whole time I was taking these photos in my backyard, one of my crazy neighbors was watching. Like most fashion bloggers, I'm petrified of being caught shooting. That's why I usually stick to the backyard instead of going to the park or somewhere more scenic. But no. This neighbor came out right as I was getting started to ask what I was doing. "Oh, just taking photos of myself, by myself, in the yard. NDB." Yeah. To say it was awkward is an understatement.

Too bad we don't have a privacy fence. Oh wait. We do. Apparently, since the 7-foot fence is too tall to see over, he thought it would be fine to stand on his porch so he could see me/talk to me. Yeah. Kinda defeats the purpose there, buddy.

What do you do when you get caught shooting for your blog? I think next time, I'll just run away. Much cooler.


  1. hahaha, this is hilarious. I used to take photos in my neighborhood (front porch, park, surrounding areas) but people would literally stop DRIVING to watch me take photos. Awkward! This one time there was soccar practice taking place and all the kids and coaches stopped what they were doing to stair. It makes me so uncomfortable that I end up with the most awkward photos ever!
    I recently found a secluded, abandoned park near my house that I now stop by on my way home from work. No audience yet:)

  2. haha! I love this post. Don't feel like you're the only one that pairs Tiffany with cheapies--my engagemnt ring is a Tiffany setting, so I technically do it everyday-ha!

    Side note: I love this outfit--I have all of these things in my closet (and identical shoes) and I have a feeling I might be wearing it to work sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. Cute outfit - love the pop of leopard print.
    And I HATE people seeing me take pictures of myself but I think over time I'm getting a little more used to it. It is awkward though, especially if it's your neighbour or someone you know...

  4. haha I do that too.. I wear the most expensive thing I've bought with something that I've thrifted!
    And talk about awkward stares. If i am shooting on my own I do it either in our balcony or the terrace.. No one can spot me there! I shoot outdoors only if someone else is clicking the pictures. That makes it less awkward!
    Love the necklace!

  5. Whenever I get caught by someone I know, I ask them to take the pictures for me. When it's a stranger, I act like I'm some sort of super model. Then they get impressed...or just stare awkwardly. Haha

  6. I engage them in a stare down, I almost always win, especially if I am wearing heels. It works like a charm. My neighbour is a crazy hoarder though...not that hard to win a stare down.

  7. I kind of love pairing my 'expensive' things with my much less expensive things. I like the juxtaposition.
    I have to admit in these situations I usually run, or fiddle with the settings on my camera until the person drives away.


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