Friday, November 11, 2011

Giveaway winner announced!

I was going to do a Fiscal Fridays post today as well, but life just has a way of...well, of being life. Like last night. I went to the one-year blogiversary party for Columbus Socialite. The blog owner is a coworker of mine, and it was a real blast! Like a dummy, I forgot to take photos, but I'm sure she'll have some up on her blog in the next day or two. I also drank perhaps a bit too much wine at the party, and this headache makes me not want to think about anything, let alone fiscal planning. Yuck.

So I'm just going to announce the winner of this giveaway! Woohoo! And it is...

Dee! Congrats, girl! Check your inbox for an email from me :)

If anyone happens to go back and count...there were actually 28 comments on the blog, but three of them were ineligible (out of the country, multiple entries via the same method, etc.) so there were really only 25 entries. Don't worry, I counted accordingly! :)


  1. Emma, oh no!!! I hope you're feeling better now! :) THANK YOU so much for coming and photos should be up in the next few days! As soon as I get them back from the photographer :) Have a good weekend!


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