Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm running a little behind this morning as I try to adjust to my new, living-with-purpose routine. It involved waking up half an hour earlier (okay, so I only made it 15 minutes today) so I can do some work on the blog or my freelance stuff (this morning it was freelance) and eat breakfast. I haven't eaten breakfast consistently since I was in high school. Early high school. So anyway, that means just one photo today. Which works out, because this was the only good photo of this particular outfit.

sweater: New York & Company
polo, flats: Target
jeans: Guess via Macy's
necklace: The Limited
watch: Walmart
bracelet: Forever 21

This is actually the outfit I wore for Thanksgiving. It's a pretty casual event with my family and Matt's, so jeans and nice tops are usually good bets. This is also what happens when I don't take the time to straighten my hair properly after I wash it. I have that awful not-quite-curly-but-definitely-not-straight hair. I keep thinking that if I grow it out, it will get heavier and therefore lie flatter. Hasn't been the case so far. I'll probably get frustrated and get it all chopped off to a pixie cut someday, which will be simultaneously horrifying and amazing, I'm sure.


  1. love those flats girl! So cute! Good for you for sticking to your intentions, don't stress about only making it 15 minutes, start small and build confidence in yourself :)

  2. I think your hair looks really nice but I definitely get that frustration with mine! Waking up half an hour early and eating breakfast sounds nice in theory but I don't think I could do it! I will be washing and sending your items back this week :)

  3. I have the same kind of hair.. Only advantage is that its easy to style it anyway i want and it stays put throughout... coz its neither completely straight nor curly..!
    Cute outfit!

  4. You silly girl, your hair looks great! I love natural texture, I think it's very - romantic :)

    I'm also super smitten with those flats. So lovely.


  5. Your hair is totally adorable. But you should TOTES get a pixie cut once in your life. Every girl should.
    And I've been really bad about it lately, but it feels so nice to wake up ON TIME. To have that extra 15-30 min to check your email. Grab a bowl of cereal, maybe listen to the radio while you eat breakfast. Rather than rushing out the door as quickly as possible. Good for you!


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