Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catching up

Well, I'm definitely starting to pay the toll for taking an entire weekend (and Monday, and part of Tuesday) to do fun things. I'm so behind on my freelance stuff, it would be laughable if I didn't really need the money. Good thing I get Monday off next week. Something tells me I'll have to be ultra-productive. Especially because my friend Emily is coming to town tonight! Very excited to see her, but it also means I won't be getting much work done. Ah, well. Tis the season ;)

I was going to post all four of my holiday outfits (worn to six different gatherings), but I haven't had the time to even edit photos yet! Not to mention I still have to reshoot a few of the outfits first. Somehow, getting home from a one- or two-hour drive at 10 or 11 pm, after running around all dang day, isn't really conducive to good outfit shots. Go figure.

sweater: thrifted
scarf as belt: The Limited
jeggings: Burlington Coat Factory
boots: Target
glasses: Eye Buy Direct

I have a love-hate relationship with this sweater. It's pretty soft, and comfy, and easy to style. But it attracts Spazzy's white hair like the dang cat is going bald. I practically have to carry a lint roller with me when I'm wearing the sweater. And as you may or may not know, I'm generally kinda lazy sometimes, so that doesn't always happen.

Oh, and do you like my new glasses? I bought them a while back when Eye Buy Direct was having their annual buy one, get one half off sale. They were SUPER affordable (I paid $40 for two pairs), but shipping took forever. When I called and asked how much longer it would take to ship them, they refunded my shipping cost and got them in the mail practically the next day. Not bad, when you think about it. Highly recommend :)

(I wasn't paid or perked for content in this post. I just wanted to share my honest opinion about EBD!)

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  1. cute outfit! I love how you used a scarf as a belt to define your waist!


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