Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas week begins

First things first. I'm pretty excited-slash-flattered, because the blog Be In Style recently featured me on their best of the web! Click here to go check it out. There are some other really great blogs featured there as well, so make sure you give them a peek too!

Now. On to the real topic for today. Christmas is this weekend!! I am pretty adamantly against people who try to start the Christmas season the second they're done eating turkey and pie on Thanksgiving, but when it comes down to it, I do still really enjoy this holiday. Matt and I (okay, I) decorated the house last weekend. It's not much...we wanted to keep it simple to see how the cat would react. (Her name's not Spazcat McGillicutty for no reason), but it's turned out pretty well and I think I've convinced Matt we should get a real tree next year!

(These photos also gave me the chance to try out some new Photoshop actions I downloaded. I think I like this vintage-y one!)

We also opened our Christmas presents this weekend, since Matt will be travelling all week, and we'll be doing various family celebrations all weekend. He absolutely loved his grill, and I'm smitten with the awesome food processor he got me. It has slicing and grating discs, plus a dough-making one. We're going to be eating some delicious meals in the new year, that's for sure!

In other news? We refinished our bedroom floor this weekend. Well, Matt did. I helped scrape up a little of the old polyurethane that was peeling really badly, then I left to get groceries and make some delicious chili for dinner. I like having a handyman boyfriend :) And I think he's pretty fond of having a cook girlfriend, haha. Anyway, we had to move our bed into the living room. On the floor. And most of my closet is currently in the kitchen, so my clothes won't smell like varnish. But sleeping in the living room kind of felt like we were having a sleepover. We watched a movie and made popcorn. Kinda cute :) ...But I'll still be glad when we can move back into our bedroom.


  1. Your Christmas decorations are cute!!!! I didnt decorate my apartment this year. I figured I'm moving out soon and I'm trying to get stuff out of my apartment not IN. My fiance decorated his place though and I helped, so I guess that counts. A living room sleepover sounds like so much fun!!!

  2. So cute! Love the decorations :)
    Handy-man boyfriends are the best.
    And congrats on being featured!!

  3. I know I'm extra silly about Christmas but I just love reasons to celebrate. Plugging in the Christmas tree when I get home = best part of the day. Your tree is adorable :)


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