Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Monday!

I'm usually not so chipper on Monday mornings (understatement of the year), but this morning I feel good. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done. I was crazy productive this weekend, but I also took some time to hang out with friends, grab some really yummy sushi and even go to the salon and use a gift certificate I had. Hellooooo relaxation massage! I needed you. (No, really. The masseuse asked, "What do you do for a living, lift houses?!" Apparently I have a lot of tension.)

So anyway, I feel good this morning. Starting this week, I'm taking control of my health! Since I can rarely seem to make myself eat breakfast, I'm going to start making these awesome smoothies I pinned a long time ago:

And I joined a gym over the weekend as well, for a great price of course, and I get unlimited access to tanning beds there. (Don't worry, I wear sunscreen in the beds. I just like to get an extra dose of vitamin D during the winter a couple times a week.) In short? I feel good about things :)

Unfortunately, it looks like Imgur isn't working for uploading my outfit photos today. I'm *this* close to switching over to Flickr, since Imgur is kind of a pain in my butt. Anyone out there use one/both and have anything to say on the matter? Let me know!

So I guess I'll just share some of my weekend pins for you guys. Because in between cleaning, shopping for/wrapping Christmas presents, laundry, groceries, the salon, bars and even decorating the house for the holidays, I managed to find time to browse Pinterest ;)

Pre-prepped slow cooker recipes! Yes, please.

Hot cocoa cookies w/ a melted marshmallow on top. I'm drooling.

Pretty shelving ideas.

Gonna have to make or have my dad make something exactly like this!

This is officially on my DIY to-do list.

Pretty, but I'd probably want to use LED tea lights instead of the real deal so I don't melt the wax.

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

I really need a wrap bracelet watch.

Three words: Strawberry Riesling slushies!!!

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

Aaaaand the obligatory cute pin of the week!


  1. Ugh, my kitty needs a solution like this one, our cat litter situation is out of control right now.

  2. P.S. Check this out... You are marginally closer to an Ikea than me.


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