Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

If you subscribe to the 30 Rock notion of Leap Day, it's the one day every four years that you do something you wouldn't normally do. Also, nothing that happens on Leap Day actually "counts." I don't know about the second thought, but I kind of like the first. So I'm commemorating that in both the outfit I'm wearing today (hint: it's 50s-inspired, and I rarely try to pull off a vintage look), and in the outfit I'm posting on the blog.

Excuse the sunglasses, it was the end of the day and my makeup looked scary-bad. So I decided to cover it up instead of, you know, redoing it just so I could laze around my house all evening.

poncho: thrifted
long-sleeve T: Old Navy
jeans: Guess via Macy's
shoes: Payless
sunnies: Target

It's a poncho! They're one of those style things that I was super-hesitant to try, and now I really can't figure out why it made me so nervous. I picked up this baby at Goodwill for a couple bucks, and it was a great purchase. It's so soft! The only real downside is that I have no choice but to layer it with a tee or cami every time. Cause I don't need the world seeing my sideboob/navel, thanks.

Also, a few quick housekeeping things. I realized I've never posted about the whole Google Friend Connect thing. Specifically, how it is disappearing for some people tomorrow. Since my blog is hosted on Blogger, I'm pretty sure this won't affect anyone who follows Verbal Mélange via GFC. But just in case, you can also follow me via Bloglovin, Facebook, or you can use the RSS subscribe button in the right-hand sidebar (just above the Labels links) to follow via Google Reader, Netvibes, Newsgator or Yahoo!.

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway for the chance to win a chunky, asymmetrical necklace that's just to die for. Fewer than 20 entries so far, so your chances are pretty good! And may the odds be ever in your favor! (Aahhh! Couldn't help it. So dang excited for that movie!)


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