Wednesday, February 22, 2012

May your past be the sound of your feet on the ground.

I bought Fun.'s new album, "Some Nights" last night (that's what the title of this post comes from), and I am so completely in love with it! It's so positive and upbeat, it was great background music as I was getting ready this morning. If you haven't heard of Fun., it's the side project of The Format's lead singer, and it's amazing. There's a commercial floating around out there (for a credit card maybe?) that features a single from the new album. It's the one that goes "Tonight we are young / So we set this world on fire / We go higher than the sun"

Anyway. Enough gushing about semi-obscure indieish music. But seriously...go have a listen if you get a chance.

sweater: old, maybe from Express?
black shirt and orange tights: Target
skinnies: Burlington Coat Factory
boots: Old Navy, gifted from my momma
black shorts: The Limited

If these outfits look familiar, it's because Kelly featured them on her blog, Enter Kelly a while back. It was a post about wearing an outfit from day to night. I wore the top outfit to work on a Friday, then switched it up a bit and restyled my hair for a drinks and a show with some friends that evening.

I talked about this last time, but these tights really are more rust-colored than orange in real life. But because I took the nighttime photos, well, at night...they turned out super orange. Oh, well. Still looks pretty good, if you ask me :)


  1. love love love this! The coloured tights at so suited to you!

  2. Love the 'going out' look. The tights add the perfect punch of color to make it interesting.

  3. On the contrary, these tights aren't orange enough! I thought they looked red, but then I saw in the list that you called them orange. And then I really wanted them to be orange. So does your cat.

    (Saw you comment on Loren's blog and perked up when I saw the word "Ohio".)

  4. AHH I love that song!!! I've been thinking about picking up the album but I'm never sure if the rest of their music sounds similar or not. It's the most disappointing thing when the hits sound nothing like the rest of the CD.

    Cute looks again ;)


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