Monday, March 26, 2012

A casual night out

I wore this on Thursday to see the Hunger Games with a bunch of friends. Perfect outfit for a casual night out, if you ask me. Really, I could have lived in this outfit all weekend. I laid around the house and napped for most of Friday, before going out to watch the valiant effort of the OU basketball team that night. Saturday was errands and chores, and a gathering at a friend's house to watch the OSU basketball team make an awesome win. Sunday was more laziness, and dinner at our friend's parents' house. In all, a lovely weekend.




shirt: Marshall's
nude cami, boots: Target
shorts: The Limited
necklace: gifted from Matt

Funny story. If you didn't know, I'm a major klutz. If it can spill, break or fall over, I'll be the one to do it. So naturally, when I left the movie theatre and discovered splatters of greasy popcorn butter all over the front of this shirt, I wasn't entirely surprise. (No, I don't eat like an animal. I think I just rested the bag against my chest too much, haha.)

Anyway, the shirt wasn't ruined, thanks to an awesome tip I learned recently. You can get any kind of food grease (butter, oil, etc) out of clothes with just some dish soap. The kind with degreasing power (like Dawn) is perfect. Just dab a little onto the stain, dribble a few drops of water on it, and rub it gently to create a little lather. Let sit for five or ten minutes, then throw in the wash like usual. That should get the stain out, but you should always check it before throwing it in the dryer. Because, you know, fire.

Also, I'm about to create the post for Bloggers Take the Town (and linking up, obvs). Don't forget to link up your fun night out outfits!

Update: I had a fail moment this Friday. Instead of linking to the guest post that I wrote for Whitney of Between the Lines, I slept most of the day. Oops :( But it's not too late for you to go check it out! Click here.

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  1. Love the outfit! Shorts and boots are super fun together and you pull it off wonderfully!


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