Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A self pep talk

Not much to say today, folks. I'm feeling kinda blah/anxious this week (thanks, hormones) and am having a hard time keeping positive. Still, I'm getting by all right, by reminding myself that freaking out when there's nothing I can do about a situation doesn't help anything and that my current low self-esteem is pretty much unfounded. I've gotten quite good at talking myself out of these funks. You know what helps? Looking at bright, cheery photos from last week when I was in a super good mood.


shirt: thrifted
cami: Marshall's
jeans: Guess via Macy's
flats: Target
necklace, brown bracelet: don't remember
beaded bracelet: gifted from my mom

You know what else will probably help my funk? Watching New Girl with the girls upstairs and a glass (or two) of wine tonight. It's all about appreciating the little things and making sure that the big things don't overwhelm you.

Hope I didn't bum anyone out with this post today. With any luck, we'll be back to our regular randomness and goofiness soon.

Oh, and one more thing before I forget. Thanks to those who linked up to Bloggers Take the Town yesterday! If you missed it, don't fret. We'll be back again on Monday, April 30. Mark your calendars!


  1. You'll pull through darling. Is it because of Season Affective Disorder?
    Watch this
    And then go cuddle your kitty.

  2. Everyone has down days/weeks. They're never fun, so I hope you feel better :(
    Super cute pictures , I love the print mixing with the stripes & leopard shoes!

  3. just found your blog - loving it! Definitely a new follower :-)
    Hope tomorrow's a better day!



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