Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I forgot to title this one before I posted it.

Foof. That's the sound I made when I flopped down onto the couch after work today. Adjusting to new schedules has always been a tad difficult for me, and this week and last have been no exception. I switched to writing my blog posts at night and scheduling for the morning, and wouldn't you know, I forgot to write a post for yesterday morning. I almost didn't get this post written, thanks to everything else that's going on right now, but I managed to remember as I was making dinner.

And then, when I stepped away from dinner for half a second to chat with Chasity (one of the upstairs neighbors), Spazzcat the dufus started eating at my hot dog. This is a pathetic dinner as it is, Spazzy! You could at least let me eat the whole damn thing.Le sigh.

The fact is, there is a LOT going on right now. I don't really want to go into the details, because it will only make me more stressed, but suffice to say that things are caraaaaaazy.

So. Outfit photos.



shirt: JC Penney
pants: thrifted
belt and heels: Target
hair pins: H&M
ring and necklace: gifted

This shirt was part of a fairly restrained shopping spree I went on the day I found out my start date for this new job. I say "fairly" restrained because I did wind up spending more than I wanted to, but I only bought basics and items that I could remix easily. But man, have you been to JC Penney lately? Their spring lines are AWESOME. I walked into the dressing room with more than a dozen items and had to ruthlessly pare down to just three. When I have a clothes budget again (starting next month!! but more on that for Fiscal Fridays this week), I am gonna have to hit that place up again.


  1. I love this shirt on you! The colors are so fun! I'm loving the new setup at JCPenney, they are really doing a great job and the pricing is awesome too!

  2. Very pretty look. The hairpins are really cute and feminine. The shirt has a great print with nice colors.

    I know what you mean about stress and wish you luck with handling yours.

  3. Great outfit! I really love that blouse.
    I one knew a cat who would try and eat your dinner off your plate all.the.time... You gotta wonder how a hot dog would be so appetizing to a cat? hahaha!

  4. I almost never shop at JCPenney (or department stores in general), but I looooove that top! I may have to stop by there myself. I hope things get calmer for you soon--I know the entirety of May is going to be wacky for me, so I'm trying to look ahead to June!

    (P.S. Your hair is looking fantastic! The pins are just plain adorable.)


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