Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Online shopping...for glasses

I wore the same pair of glasses for years, up until just a few months ago. I wanted a new pair, sure, but I prefer contacts for daily wear and I wasn't about to spend my limited insurance allotment on a $200+ pair of glasses when I could use it to offset the cost of my contacts. And then, earlier this year, I discovered that you can buy eyeglasses online. I wouldn't call it life changing, per se, but it was pretty dang awesome just the same.

The thing is, when you buy glasses from an online retailer, they're usually way cheaper than buying them from your eye doctor or even a regular brick-and-motar retail store. I'll admit, I was doubtful at first — I rarely shop online because I prefer to try things on in person, and glasses are no exception. But if you find a good online retailer, like GlassesUSA.com, you can "try on" your new frames virtually. GlassesUSA has what they call a "virtual mirror" so you can get a feel for your frames. And if you don't like the pair when they arrive at your doorstep, you can make use of the shop's 100% satisfaction guarantee to return them for a pair you do love.

I rarely wear my eyeglasses on the blog, because they're usually worn on lazy days when I don't feel like getting dressed or putting in my contacts. And when I took these photos, I had already showered and changed into my PJs, so don't laugh. Promise? Ok. Meet four-eyes:



I tend to wear the top ones more often at home, while the bottom ones are more of a stylish, "going-out" pair. The top ones looked better on me when I had longer hair, haha.

Anyway, because this post is sponsored by GlassesUSA (in case you didn't already figure that out), they're offering Verbal Mélange readers a discount! Just use code FS15 to get 15% off and free shipping on orders over $50, or use code Blog10 to get 10% off your prescription glasses. And remember that "virtual mirror" I mentioned earlier? Here's a preview for ya:

Official disclaimer: I was compensated in exchange for this post. Also, sorry for the ill-fitting virtual mirror. Dang narrow column...


  1. I'm so paranoid about ordering glasses online. Even with the virtual mirror it's hard to tell where they sit on your ears. And it IS important! :P but I love your glasses! Both pairs are so cute!

  2. Very cute specs. They enhance your face in a pleasant way.

  3. I just ordered 5 pairs from Warby Parker to try out. They should be here Friday so you'll have to help me decide if they are too hipster for me. Because I am not a hipster...but I do wear my glasses almost every day since contacts hurt my eyes.


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