Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Featured sponsor: DoMyJeans

I’ve written before about sites where you can custom-create clothing to fit your unique body shape. Because let’s face it…we are not all runway models! Clothing fits us differently than it does the store mannequin! And as someone who is weirdly-proportioned (wide shoulders, narrow hips, long arms and legs), I can definitely appreciate being able to specify my exact measurements to a clothing company. So when DoMyJeans asked me to do a little feature on their custom jeans, I was more than happy to oblige. (If the name sounds familiar, they featured me on their blog last month.)


The whole concept of DoMyJeans is that everyone should be able to custom-create their own jeans, from fabric wash and pocket style to inseam length and waist height. Since jeans rarely fit me in both the waist/hip area AND the inseam, I’m pretty jazzed that stores like DMJ exist. Yes, they’re a little pricier than the ill-fitting styles I usually purchase, but I think it’s well worth the investment. And you know that if stingy old me is willing to shell out the big bucks, it’s gonna be worth it!


There’s even a 15-day “trial” period, so you can take your denim for a test run to make sure it fits exactly the way you wanted it to. Since my biggest fear/reservation about ordering clothes online (and probably yours, too) is that they won’t fit right because I didn’t get to try them on, this trial period is a welcome feature.

And from now until September 9, DMJ is giving Verbal Mélange readers $6 or $10 off an order! To get $6 off, use promotion code “0emxra1” or “peq278o” at checkout, and to get $10 off, use promotion code “vhqj5w3” at checkout.



Now, I’m off to design myself a pair of jeans that actually fits me ;)

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  1. Ooh very neat! I like the idea of being able to customize clothing to your body type, but I'm always scared of getting my measurements wrong! :P


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