Monday, August 27, 2012

Pin-spiration Monday...a win and a fail

Well, here are my first two actually-doing-the-things-I-pin-on-Pinterest projects! One was a satisfying success, but the other...well, let's just say there's a reason why sites like Pinterest Fail and (my personal favorite) Pintester.

So, without further ado, my epic Pinterest fail. Here's the Pin-spiration:

And here's my version:


Ah, ombre nails. It looked so effortless and the final effect was just so stinkin' cool. So where did I go wrong? I think a little of the problem stemmed from my color choices. The original pin had two similar hues, while my opaque glittery silver didn't really mix well with the deep, deep purple. Also, another version of this pin seemed to indicate that you should wiggle the sponge up and down along the length of your nail to blend a little better. Maybe I'll try it again when I'm feeling up for a possible disappointment :P

Now, to end on a more pleasant note. My old method of jewelry storage wasn't exactly attractive, to say the least. See?


Ick. So I decided to start my jewelry organization revamp with a few cute containers. I bought a couple small dishes from the thrift store (one of which I hit with a quick coat of white spray paint), and an adorable ceramic egg holder from the clearance room at Anthropologie :) For my earrings, I knew I had to get rid of that juvenile butterfly earring holder. That I've had since I was approximately 14. So here's my Pin-spiration for that:

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

My end result turned out pretty satisfactorily. I used some green floral wire from Lowe's, as I couldn't find a thin enough metal wire like what's used in the picture. After I hot-glued it to the frame, I spray-painted it. For the frame itself, I snagged this $3 plastic frame from Target. I just tossed the glass pane and the backing.


If I could redo it, I'd get a thicker frame so it could stand on its own, instead of having to be propped up against or hung on a wall. And for a little tangent, here's the overall look of that jewelry area so far:


I'm really loving this new look, and I think the white items play really nicely off of the cherry-ish stain of my jewelry box, which was given to me as a gift. I'm thinking about modge-podging the surface of my dresser (not sure what color/pattern yet), because the stain doesn't really make the jewelry box very well. I have a few ideas for how I might do the necklaces and bracelets, but they're untouched as of yet.

Alright! So project numbers 1 and 2 of my self-imposed Pinterest project-tackling challenge are complete. And I already have project number 3 picked out! Here's hoping I can actually stick to this challenge, haha :)


  1. oh girl, that is impressive!! Don't worry about the ombre nails, I think its just a practice makes perfect type deal. I really like the way the jewelry holder turned out!!

  2. Nice job on the jewelry display - I never know what to do with mine, it's pretty bad...
    And I think the ombre nails are neat. They don't look like the picture exactly, but it's still ombre. Just different colours :)


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