Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding weekend (three of four)

The second wedding weekend was actually two weekends ago, but I wasn't able to stay at the reception long and wound up not taking many pictures. This past weekend, I was in the wedding and only got a few shots in between all the bridesmaid duties :)

justices and me sized
Groom Josh, me, and bride Tiffany.

matt and me sized
Me 'n my man. Isn't he handsome?

tiff and me sized
Tiff and me. We've been bffs since we were about 17 or so. She's pretty much the bee's knees. (My dress is from David's Bridal...not sure where Tiff's is from. My jewelry was my bridesmaid gift, and it was from Express.)

All in all, it was a really long weekend, since I headed up to northern Ohio Thursday night and stayed through Monday morning (the wedding itself was Sunday night). Today was pretty rough, after a weekend of mildly structured chaos, haha. But I suppose I might as well get back into the swing of things, no? Eh. Here goes nothing :)


  1. that dress is so pretty! You look gorgeous friend :) And yes, your man friend is very handsome haha

  2. I wore that EXACT dress in that color for my sister in laws wedding! It was soooo comfy! You guys look awesome :)

  3. Oh, you all look wonderful. And the color of your gown is just gorgeous on you.


  4. You look gorgeous! Another awesome colour on you. And you rock the faux-hawk like no one's business.


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