Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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shirt: secondhand
jeans, flats: Target

Oh man, you guys. I can barely keep my eyes open to type right now, and it's not even 8 pm. Work has been absolutely brutal this past week or two...the fiscal year and biennium are both drawing to a close, so all of my agency's offices are writing up their budget requests for the next biennium...and sending them to my office for proofing. My boss and I have been through something like 40 requests, and it doesn't sound that hard, but it has just been physically draining for me.

Do you remember back in high school or college, when you were writing a paper but came up a few hundred words short of the minimum word count, so you repeated yourself and turned phrases like "X caused Y" into "The ramifications of X were numerous, ultimately resulting in the effect of Y" like it was your job? Yeah, it's kind of like reading essays like that. All. Damn. Day. Professors, teachers and TAs have my ultimate respect...right now, I'm so brain dead I can hardly think.

So my friend at work gave me this shirt, tags still on and everything. It's pretty cute, but I think next time I'll have to wear a bra with less push-up...the gals are looking pretty prominent here, haha. Ugh. Now I'm blogging about my boobs. I need a nap. Or maybe just a super early bedtime...


  1. I was totally going to ask what was going on with your boobs. ;-)

  2. LOVE that colour on you. The pink is great. And I don't care what you think, your boobs look pretty kick-ass!


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