Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guest Photographer!





sweater: Old Navy
short-sleeve Oxford, slacks: New York & Company
shoes: Target

This is the first of three photo shoots my friend Chasity did with me. I have to say, I really love how these turned out. And it was so, SO nice to have someone else taking the photos...I feel like it really let me loosen up a little. (And having someone else edit the pics wasn't too terrible either, haha!)

There are a lot of other photos, too. You can check them out on the Verbal Mélange Facebook page (and like it while you're there, maybe?). Most are just extra shots, but there is one sweet black and white photo and a couple goofy/terrible ones. If you're in to "watching other people embarrass themselves online" sorta thing. Ha.

Ok, well I gotta go finish prepping for tomorrow's Halloween party. I'm trying out a new drink recipe (come back for Pinspiration Monday if you wanna check it out) and making some spiked cider and Jell-O shots (kind of the house specialty) as well. I love hosting parties. Squee!


  1. ahh I miss having someone actually take my photos.... My tripod is helpful but I can't get all these cool angles! :P
    Love the shots and the blue is such a nice colour on you!

  2. *sigh* I just love these. The way you stand, the way you point your foot... it's all so naturally feminine. So attractive. And the photography is top-notch.


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