Monday, October 1, 2012

Pin-spiration Monday: Last-minute crafting

I don't think I mentioned this on the blog yet, but Matt and I recently bought a turntable and a sound system from our friend Scott. (Thanks Scott!) The speakers are ginormous, and the addition of the turntable and amp meant that our entertainment system had outgrown our entertainment center, so we decided to rearrange the living room and get a new unit to house our electronics. So for this week's Pin-spiration, I really wanted to repurpose a dresser into a TV stand. I have a bunch of ideas pinned to my Pin-spiration pin board, but here's the general idea:

But I couldn't seem to find an appropriate dresser at thrift stores or garage sales around here. But then, in the midst of my search, I found this glorious entertainment center at a consignment shop. I'd peg it at easily $150+ retail, but this gently used beauty was on sale, half off, for just $18. It was unbelievable. I couldn't resist. (More on that in another post.)

So instead, I happened upon this little mini-project instead:

It was perfect; I am seriously short on fridge magnets (why does that feel like a weird thing to say?) and I happen to have a pretty nice little collection of foreign coins. The only ones I've collected my self are from Canada, as it were, but the rest came from family and friends who have traveled farther than I. I have a decent representation from both Europe and Asia, and a few from Central America. Best of all, I had some duplicates and some "unknowns"—mystery coins of dubious origin—so I used those to make about two dozen magnets.



I started by heading to Lowe's and getting some small disc magnets. I bought 16, and later realized I already had seven at home, so I was good to go. I only took a photo of the first 16 coins, because I didn't realize I had more magnets until I was done with this batch. Womp womp.


The original blogger used a glue called "E-6000," but I didn't feel like buying a super adhesive, as I tend to have issues with regular old super glue. (By issues, I mean I once super-glued a phone to the side of my face. I wish I were kidding.) Anyway, I decided to go for hot glue instead. Didn't work even a little bit. So super glue it was after all. Fun fact: American coins are not magnetic, but coins from some other countries are. (I'm looking at you, Canada.) I did not know this...and it was pretty interesting to figure that out while struggling with super glue. But I'm pleased to say I escaped without incident.


They stand off the fridge a little higher than I would like, but overall I'm pretty dang satisfied with this one. It's a cute little quirk that makes our fridge fun :)


Why yes, I do hang kid art on my fridge. My little sister drew these for me when I was in college and since graduating. She's six now, and it's kind of cute to see her evolving skill level :) ...Though I have to say, I'm pretty sure my mom colored the Sesame Street one at my sister's request. She likes to delegate, haha!


  1. I was a coin-collector in my childhood so I think your coin decorations are the coolest! And cleverly done.

    Any pictures of you with a phone glued to your head? :)

    Btw, records on vinyl are the best way to listen to music.

  2. we are very proud of our magnetic money over here lol! That is a great idea! I have tons of foreign coins from my travels!! May need to borrow this idea!

  3. This is pretty cool! And sorry about the magnetic coins, it's part of why we are so cool over here ;) lol


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