Monday, October 29, 2012

Pinspiration Monday: Boo-zy drinks

Get it? Boozy drinks? For Halloween? Okay, I suck at puns. It still makes me giggle :)

Anyway, Matt and the girls upstairs and I threw a little Halloween house party on Friday. Naturally, I turned to Pinterest for some themed drink inspiration, and I used these two pins as jumping off points:

And, in true scatterbrain fashion, I completely forgot that I pinned the above recipe for Butterbeer (just click the picture to go to the original link). So I turned to trusty old Google and found one here. I remembered a little of the first recipe, though, and kind of wound up combining the two recipes in my head to come up with this:


Basically, I just stirred together two liters of cream soda, a dash of vanilla extract, a bigger dash of butter flavoring and a healthy dose (as in, maybe a cup or two?) of butterscotch schnapps. For the foamy top, I combined some heavy cream, marshmallow fluff and butter flavoring in my food processor. (Note: When your foodpro comes with a "max fill" line, you should probably heed that warning. Unless you want cream and marshmallow fluff all over your walls.) Anyway, it was really, really delicious.



Yeah, I had to do the cheesy mustache shot. Can you blame me?

I also riffed on the idea of serving drinks in a pumpkin a little. But instead of shoving a few bottles into a gourd, I made a jack-o-lantern with a giant mouth, and filled it with...Jell-O shots! Kind of my specialty.


And if you're wondering about my costume, I was dressed as Leeloo from the movie The Fifth Element. Matt, of course, went as Korben Dallas. For some reason, he preferred the movie-climax-torn-tuxedo outfit to my preference, the bright orange tank top ;)


Did you guys go to any Halloween parties this weekend? What did you dress as?


  1. This is awesome!! I want to make butterbeer... Love the foam moustache :)

  2. very cute Leeloo. Did you get yourself a multipass?

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. I went to a sweet party that was winding down when we arrived. My boyfriend and I were Hoops and Yoyo! And we had some really good jello shots served out of a jack-o-lantern.


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