Thursday, December 13, 2012

Conundrum: Loves to cook, accident-prone



t-shirt, hair flower: H&M
cardi: The Limited
jeans, flats: Target
necklace: gifted

Most years, I wind up getting cooking utensils and gadgets for Christmas. Last year it was a really nice food processor, and the year before it was Julia Child's cookbook. This year, I've gotten a bunch of Pampered Chef stuff from Matt and a fondue set that doubles as a deep-fryer (yes, you read that right...I was so excited) from the girls upstairs. Suffice to say, I like to goof off in the kitchen. There's just one problem.

I am a complete and total klutz, particularly when hot and/or sharp objects are involved. I have a massive, four-inch-long scar on my arm from a burn sustained a few years ago (funny story btw, remind me to tell it sometime). I have numerous scars on my hands from various cuts, and once I cut the tip of my finger almost completely off.

So this afternoon I was curing this new fondue set with hot oil, per the instructions. And now, typing up this post is quite difficult, thanks to the massive blister on my pinkie. Lovely.


  1. Oww! that sounds painful! But holy cow, a deep fryer/fondue combo set? Aweeeeeeesome. Oh, and I'm also a total klutz. I've got a scar on my finger from taking a knife out of the dishwasher the wrong way.. So I wouldn't mind hearing that scar story of yours ;)

  2. hahaha oh man, good luck with that!!


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