Wednesday, January 2, 2013




sweater: thrifted
short-sleeve Oxford: New York & Company
skirt: The Limited
necklace: InPink
tights, shoes: Target

Well, yet again, it's hard to believe that a new year has arrived. 2012 held so many changes for me and those close to me. New jobs, weddings, relocations, breakups,'s been such a whirlwind, no wonder I'm having a hard time believing it's already over.

And while I'm a little sad to think about some of the changes — particularly those that took my sister and new brother-in-law, and swept them away to a new home — I'm also very, very excited to see what 2013 has in store for me and my loved ones. I already know of a few who will change their marital and/or parental status this year, and there are some who I really hope find new jobs and new homes. What more will the year bring?

I'm not a fan of winter. I hate the cold and I'm terrified of (and terrible at) driving in snow/ice. But there's always something about the first week or so in January that has so much hope, so much promise, I can't help but enjoy it. Anyone else like that, or am I just a weird one? (Well, I am a weird one in many other ways...don't hold that against me.)


  1. I can relate completely and can only be hopeful and excited for what this new year holds. First thing on the agenda...VISIT YOU! WooT! 16 days :)

  2. I can't wait to see what 2013 holds - the beginning of the year DOES hold so much potential. :) I love your pink skirt!

  3. You're at a stage where lots is happening, both in your life and those of your friends. Embrace that. Learn from it. Enjoy it.

    Pretty skirt!

  4. I pretty much hate the winter too. I HATE being cold and am terrible both at driving in snow and riding my bike in snow. And walking in snow. Basically, snow and I aren't friends.

    Love the color of your skirt and hope you have a fabulous 2013!


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