Monday, January 7, 2013

Punk rock princess



shirt: secondhand
jeans: Target
necklace: The Limited
bracelets: old
shoes: super old...from high school (eep) and they're definitely not real Converses

So I just wrote an entire post, and I realized that I did four paragraphs about a topic that had absolutely nothing to do with this post. Oh least now I have a post pre-written for later :)

I got this t-shirt in a giant hand-me-down pile from the girls who live upstairs. It's from Old Navy, I have no idea how recently (or not) it was purchased, but I. Love. This. T-shirt. It is seriously the perfect weight and cut and fit. It is the perfect T.

This outfit was pretty fun. I wore it to work on casual Friday (minus the fauxhawk, of course), and loved it so much that I wore it out with friends later. That's my favorite part of my office (and, for that matter, my group of friends): a lot of my casual Friday outfits translate to night-out outfits pretty easily. Not having to change = huge perk for me!

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