Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The "winter wall"



sweater: The Limited
polo: Target
slacks: thrifted
shoes: Payless
hair flower: H&M
necklaces: gifted

That's the official name I'm giving this slump I'm in. I've hit the wall. Winter is the most dreary time of year in Ohio, where we can go weeks without seeing a blue sky or the sun. And the cold, snow, and general crappy weather conditions are not conducive to cute outfit styling. More often than not, I find myself dragging my butt out of bed and throwing on the warmest combination of clothing I can find...and that combination is rarely flattering, or stylish, or blog-worthy. Usually it's just slacks, flats and a sweater. Today I managed to make that combination work in a blogable way, but that's a rare occurrence. (It's not this outfit. This outfit is my typical, boring winter uniform.)

The same thing happened last winter, too. I hope you'll all bear with my lack of acceptable outfit posts between now and spring. I promise, this ol' blog will get interesting again as soon as the weather perks up.

Do all bloggers go through this? How do you handle the winter blahs? What outfit pieces help pull you out of the cold-weather rut?

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  1. Pretty hair-flower! It's delightful accents like that which can perk up our mood.

    I understand your seasonal glum; it's shared by many. I find the antidote to search for little joys in life, like learning a new skill (e.g., sewing), re-connecting with old friends, and searching for beauty (with camera in hand). If all else fails, watch an old movie! Right now, I'm going through Hitchcock's ouevre, of which there are many wonderful classics. Good luck.


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