Thursday, February 28, 2013

More sponsor love

So remember my post about eShakti dresses that I was thinking about ordering for an on-blog review? Well, I was a bit slow on that, so two of the three were out of stock. Womp womp. But that means I got to do a little more faux-shopping, and here are the two I came up with to replace the out of stock items:

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

Source: via Emma on Pinterest

Can't wait to see which one I get! The plain retro-style navy one from the last post was still in stock...and if I don't get it as the sample, I will most definitely be buying it myself with my March budget! And don't worry, you budgeting February budget post is coming up, just as soon as I make deadline on my freelance story.

So anyway, if you like any of these dresses, or anything else in eShakti's spring line, now's the time to make the purchase yourself. Cause Verbal Mélange readers get a special discount code! Details in the graphic below...just don't judge me for its poor quality. I had literally about two minutes to make it :)


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  1. prettyy!! I have a skirt coming in the mail for me from them, it's the one with the horse print, dunno if you saw it or not, I am so excited!!


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