Friday, March 22, 2013

Fiscal Friday: March budget

I only have time for a quick post, as Matt and I are in South Carolina visiting my sister and brother-in-law for the weekend, and said bro-in-law is clamoring for dinner. So. I only bought two things with my $100 clothes budget this month, but that's okay because one of them is a pair of SWEET running shoes:


I got them on sale at Kohl's for $69, and they're pretty awesome. Plus, they're cute, so they motivate me to go running to train for my races this summer :) The other item was this dress from eShakti:


Unfortunately, I requested an altered sleeve shape for this (cap sleeve instead, for work propriety) and it didn't fit well, so I'll be sending it back. It was only $38 because I had a gift card, so really I was only about $7 over my budget. I'm not sure if I'll exchange the dress for an un-altered one, or just get the money back, but either way I did pretty well on my budget this month, I think. Hooray!

How did you do on your budgets (if you have one) this month?


  1. .... weeeeeeelll I told myself I would only buy my 1 big staple: a trench. But then all these great sales keep popping up and I can't help myself :( UGH.

  2. Great shoes! I am going to be shopping for new running shoes soon. :)


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