Friday, May 31, 2013

Fiscal Friday: May clothes budget

I dunno about you guys, but I'm sure as sh*t glad that May is over. It's been an unreasonably and confusingly challenging two weeks. Plus, June is my birthday month (that's a thing, right?) so that's always exciting...

Anyway, I was a little bad this month (on all my budgets, not just my clothes one), but I got a big ol' freelance check and some extra cash from selling some old electronics, so overall the damage is minimal. As you may remember, my clothes budget usually is $100 per month. This month, I clocked in at a modest $131.31, but I got some really awesome pieces to show for it!

5-31 may budget

Note: The first nine items are all from Forever 21. I knew I needed to stock up on my workout gear, and the selection was surprisingly better—and way cheaper—than Target or Walmart. Weird, right?

1. Wrap around top (mine is black). $12 |exact|
2. Short sleeve cutout back tee (mine is gray). Guaranteed to expose your sweaty back for faster cool-downs. (Right?) $14.80
3. Mesh back top. This actually doubles as a super-cute "going out" top, too...I wore it to the Fall Out Boy concert the other weekend! $10.80
4. Contrast foldover capris (mine have a purple top). $7.80 |exact|
5. Dual striped running capris. $17.80 |exact|
6. Foldover shorts. AKA the comfiest things to ever touch my butt. $5.80 |similar|
7. Foldover waist shorts. $7.80 |exact|
8. Medium impact moisture management sports bra. Plain front, nifty back. $9.80 |exact|
9. High impact mesh back sports bra. Seriously, the whole back is mesh. Bliss. $12.80 |exact|
10. eShakti floral sheath dress. I used a few refunds/coupon codes, so I didn't pay the full $70 on this. $23.85 |same cut, different pattern| |different cut, similar pattern|

So yeah, pretty good haul for only about $130, if you ask me. June will be all about restocking my shorts/capris, as I've (aka, my waistline has) outgrown almost everything from last year. Womp womp.

Also, I'm linking up to Franziska's Budgeting Bloggers, too, so pop on over and check out the other links!


  1. you got so many great workout items - definitely worth spending a bit more. I really need some new sportsbras...ugh.

  2. Look at you and all your workout clothes! Nice haul!!


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