Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life. It's kind of ridiculous.

So I'm not disappearing forever, I promise. But things this week have been crazy with a capital Bat-Shit-C. A lot of stuff happened, and kept happening, and I probably won't blog it because (despite my inclination to share everything with everyone all the time) some thing probably don't belong on the internet where everyone can read them. Cryptic enough for you? Good.

Long story short, I'll be back soon. Sometime after I figure out which way is up again.


  1. this is where you just post pics of your instagram feed, I do it allll the time lol, but I also feel ya!

  2. Tell me about it. My life this year has been a whirlwind and, as tempted as I've gotten to blog about it, discretion trumped that. Hang in there. There's always private e-mail for venting about stuff.

  3. Hope things turn around soon! We'll be here when you're back :)


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