Saturday, June 29, 2013

(Belated) Fiscal Friday: June clothes budget

Friday was a tad distracting, so I didn't get this post finished until literally just now. More than 24 hours after I wanted to post it. Oops?

Anyway, this month, it was all about shorts. Upon FINALLY putting my winter clothes into storage and pulling out my summer clothes, I made the horrifying discovery that the "shrink fairy" had visited and only one pair of shorts fit. I'm trying to save money for our upcoming move in August, so I cut my clothes budget down to $50 this month. That meant only one thing: A thrift shopping day.

And man did I find a great haul! Some J.Crew, some The Limited, and some (possibly fake?) Michael Michael Kors. (I only say possibly fake because of the price tag slapped on them. Also, the included keychain embellishment thing looks a little cheap? But I'm no expert.) I also snagged a pair of regular boot-cut, dark wash jeans to fill a very major hole in my closet. Booyah!


1. J.Crew $3.49 Goodwill
2. Michael Michael Kors $16.50 Rag-O-Rama
3. The Limited $3.49 Goodwill
4. Calvin Klein long jorts $8.99 One More Time
5. Jones Sport Stretch (no idea what that is) $3.49 Goodwill
6. J.Crew Matchstick jeans $18.50 Rag-O-Rama

So overall, yeah, I'm pretty pleased with the haul! And yesterday my friend Hayley invited me over to shop her closet, and I came home with about two dozen new dresses, shirts, skirts and blazers. Basically, this month my closet saw one of the biggest overhauls ever. Not bad for an otherwise crappy June, eh?


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