Friday, July 5, 2013

Busy weekend and awesome pictures



dress, heels: Target
shrug thingy: thrifted
necklace: gifted

I'm not sure why I look so stern in that first photo. The weird faces we make when taking blog pics, amiright? Also, these pics are maybe the best I've ever taken on my point-and-shoot. The lighting was pure perfection.

So last year, I was a bridesmaid in the weddings of my sister (Abby) and of one of my dearest friends (Tiffany). Usually, as a bridesmaid, you just kind of accept the fact that whatever you are wearing will be banished to the back of your closet until you eventually decide to give it to a thrift shop for some thrift-happy girl to wear to prom. But this dress right here? That was my bridesmaid dress for Abby's wedding. It was $20 at Target. How awesome is that? I got so many compliments on it when I re-wore it last week. And my necklace was a gift that Tiffany gave all her bridesmaids for her wedding. So I was really channeling my former bridesmaid-ness with this outfit :)

The dress for Tiffany's wedding was a bit more like your average bridesmaid dress...satiny-y and fairly formal. Not something I could probably ever wear again. (As if I could even fit into it...I gained weight between ordering it and wearing it the day of, meaning I was gasping for air most of the day. And I've gained a couple more pounds since then, too, so...yeah.) But I have a pretty cool idea for re-using the dress later on, so it won't go to waste! I can't post it here, because it's going to be a surprise for Tiff, but when I do get the chance to do it, I'll post pics :)

Speaking of pics, I got some AHH-MAZING shots of fireworks last night! I'm going to try to upload them this evening/weekend, despite a full schedule. (My parents and some of my sibs are coming down to Columbus to visit today, I'm heading up to Cleveland to see Book of Mormon tomorrow, and on Sunday I'll be in Akron to see Abby and her husband, who are up visiting from South Carolina--busy weekend!) So keep your eyes peeled for a special weekend-edition post, maybe. (Oh and hey, if you're a robber thinking, "Sweet, the house will be empty all weekend," you might wanna think again. Matt will be home most of the time, as will our upstairs neighbors. Sorry, everyone else. You can't be too safe.)

What about y'all? Any fun weekend plans?


  1. oh girl, DAT outfit. Amazing!! I have never been a bridesmaid but I can only hope whoever picks me as theirs will be so kind as to choose something close to what you are pulling off there. Excited to see fireworks pics!

  2. Ha! I love the pose and facial expression in the first picture. So full of character. And the background frames you perfectly. This is the kind of photo I'd hang on my wall.

    Glad you had success with the fireworks. I've struck out many times trying to capture them.

  3. I love that dress!!!! I love that she got it from Target and that it was affordable for everyone. It's hard when they expect you to drop $250 on a dress. And Im' especially glad you are able to get more wear out of it!


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