Wednesday, August 28, 2013





shirt: secondhand
pants: The Limited
shoes: Buckle
necklace: Express

Have you ever had a mentor in your life? Someone you looked up to, who encouraged you and maybe taught you a few life lessons? Someone other than your parents?

Yesterday I attended an interview and training for Project Mentor, a collaboration between area businesses and organizations (including mine) and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio. Once I get cleared, I'll be assigned a sixth-grader in Columbus City Schools. I'll go to her school once a week during her lunch period to just kind of hang out and, hopefully, make a real connection with her. The goal of the program is for us to stay paired as she finishes middle school and high school, all the way up to graduation.

In a few weeks, we volunteers will head to the schools for some group activities before we choose who we'd like to be paired with. I'm a bit nervous--what if I wind up with a girl who doesn't like me? what if she doesn't really want to be mentored?--but the program is a really good one and I've heard that those things don't happen very often.

I'm not sure why I'm really telling you all this, other than it's something I'm excited about and I don't know much else to say this morning. That's a good enough reason, right? Right.


  1. Cute outfit. And mentoring is a good thing. We learn that we've developed into more sophisticated people than we give ourselves credit for. You'll see this in the inexperience of the girl you help.

  2. Mentoring sounds so so so cool. I've thought about it before but haven't done anything about it. I've had people move in and out of my life, not intentionally as mentors, but they've somehow given me that kind of guidance without expecting it. I think it'd be neat to be that person to someone else. :) You're doing a good thing. I love your outfit too!


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