Thursday, August 8, 2013

Packing sucks.




t-shirt: The Limited
skirt: Spotted Moth
flats: Target
necklace: Express

You guys. You guys. I hate packing. I really, REALLY freaking hate packing. It's just so tedious. This evening, Matt and I went to a little 10 for $10 wine tasting at The Refectory (the amazing French restaurant where we had our anniversary dinner this spring). Then he left for a meeting about this climbing co-op that he's thinking about getting involved in, and I threw a bunch of books and pictures in boxes. I didn't like it.

But on a semi-related note, packing when you're a teeny bit wine-drunk is a bit less odious than packing when you're not-at-all wine-drunk. I (and funnily enough, my sister) highly recommend it.

And I promise, these are the last of the blurry outfit photos. I'm sticking with autofocus for these shots from now on. There's just no sense in trying to figure out whether the shots are in focus on a screen that's only a few inches diagonal. Right? Right.


  1. Adding a slight buzz makes everything more fun. :)

    I admire your posing skill. I'm taking notes!

  2. haha, oh girl, I feel ya! Sending you some happy packing vibes!

  3. Cute outfit! And packing truly sucks, I agree!


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