Monday, August 26, 2013

Settling in




shrug thing: came with a dress from Burlington Coat Factory
button down: New York & Company
skirt: Old Navy
necklace: Express
heels: Target

Well, I can hardly say that Matt and I are completely settled in to the new house, but we're getting there. There's still a ton of framed art leaning on the wall and packed in boxes that needs to be hung. And another box of vases and whatnot that I need to find a home for. And our living room looks kind of like a basement at the moment, thanks to all the random junk that's just kind of thrown in there. And Matt's studio/the guest room needs some serious work before my friend Emily comes to stay Friday night. But all in all, we're getting there.

We went to our friends' wedding this weekend (congrats Braden and Christine!), helped other friends move into the house they just bought (congrats Tim and Kellen!) and got a few things hung and put away here at the house. I'm hoping to post before-and-current pics of the house before the weekend...but I also have a good handful of outfit photos that were shot at our old place that I have to get through, too. I took my very first outfit photos at the new place this week, and I'm loving how they turn out.

So. It's still a crazybusy time (I mean, when is it not?) but I'm hoping to get a ton of posts up really quickly so I can blast through those old-house-outfit-photos. Woohoo!


  1. Cute look. I dream about wearing something like this.

  2. AHH i love the bolero/shrug in yellow. Such a happy colour, and it's such a cute outfit on you!


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