Thursday, August 1, 2013

The power of positive thinking




blazer, dress: secondhand
shoes: Target

So this week at work, like all weeks that include the "first Friday" of a month, is insanely stressfully crazybusy. It's so bad that I'm making up words to accurately describe it. But I've realized that when I think negative thoughts, negative things happen. (Case in point: The last two times I've said, "It's gonna be a long day," events that day led to hours-long crying spells. Oh vey.) So instead of complaining abotu how much work I have to do this week and how frustrating it is, I'm going to be thankful that I'm gainfully employed in a job that I'm good at and (usually) enjoy doing. Booyah, positivity!

In other news, can we talk about these pics for a sec? I mean, woah. I'm not gonna lie, as I was editing them I kind of felt like I was working with shots from a professional shoot with a professional model. Who is this girl and how did her pics get on my camera? I mean, these obvs aren't really professional-quality shots, but the lighting was the best I've worked with yet. In both flash and flash-less images.

I wish I could say I spent the rest of the day I took these strutting around work like a 6-foot-tall America's Next Top Model contestant, but unfortunately I did not. And it's not because I'm only 5'8", either. Actually, about an hour or two after I shot these, I started feeling so ill that I had to lock myself in the bathroom and beg my neighbor to come pick me up and drive me home. It was really weird and random and gross. TMI?

I'll end this on a more pleasant, non-flu note. Remember back in June (uhhholycrapitsaugust) when I mentioned shopping my friend Hayley's closet? Yeah, both the blazer and the dress are from her. Love it.


  1. you do look pretty fabulous! SO good that you are loving your new camera and totally working it! Sorry you are feeling under the weather!

  2. Wow! Before reading your words, I thought -- "Gee! These pictures are excellent! The lighting is perfect." Good work, buddy.

  3. So cute, I love this outfit! And aw man, too bad about the flu grossness. That's always the worst.


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