Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello Monday



shirt: Old Navy
skirt: The Limited
flats: Target
belt: H&M
necklace: VeryJane
glasses: bebe

Ugh. A lot of this weekend didn't really pan out as expected, but we did throw a really sweet housewarming party Friday night and had a great time watching the Buckeyes kick butt while we celebrated our friend's birthday on Saturday. I worked on most of Sunday, though, and woke up this morning feeling horrid. So I'm done talking now, and here without much fanfare are my first outfit photos taken at the new house. Also the first showing off my new glasses? Possibly. So yup.


  1. LOVE that skirt!! You are totally rocking it! Sorry you aren't feeling well/good, that's always super yucky!

  2. Hey, gorgeous! I'm talking to your skirt, not you. Sorry if that's confusing. Now, don't get jealous... I can't help it if I want to flirt with your skirt.

  3. Love the glasses and I love all the green space at your new place :)


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