Monday, September 30, 2013

House tour part 3: Closet, before & phase 1

Yes, a whole "house tour" post dedicated to my closet. I'm not even gonna apologize or make excuses, because this just might be my favorite room in the whole house. In fact, when Matt and I were initially touring the place with the landlord, I mentally signed the lease the second I laid eyes on this space. It's directly off the bathroom, and the previous tenant used it as random storage. What a waste. Never fear, I am using this room to its full potential. Here's what it looked like before:



The first photo is looking into the room from the doorway, the second photo is at the back of the room looking toward the door.

Two trips to Ikea, one to Target, two to Bed, Bath & Beyond, a few coats of paint and several installs later, this is what it looked like:



From basically the same angles, kind of. Excuse the purses on the floor, I still haven't fanangled my system for hanging those yet, but it's next on my list. The clothes bars/shelving just barely fit, and actually had to be modified a tad from my original plan because I apparently can't measure for crap. And that extension cord? Yeah, the only outlet in the room didn't work, so we were running that cord from the outlet by the bathroom sink, behind the tub and over to the power strip that the overhead and vanity lights were connected to. Not really safe, and rest assured that we have since remedied the solution. Sort of. Well, it's better than an extension cord next to two water sources.

I'll do a full-on closet organization post down the line, after I tweak a few more storage situations. But for now, here's a photo of Spazzy sniffing around my shoes. She loves my closet almost as much as I do.



  1. amazing!! AND a cat photobomb, well done! That is so great!

  2. yesssssss. Closets. Best part ever. Love how big and airy it is too!


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