Friday, October 4, 2013

Fiscal Fridays: Accountability

So I'm sitting at my desk, thinking about how hungry I am and contemplating running downstairs to get a little midmorning breakfast from the cafeteria or the deli next door. A bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich sounds pretty damn awesome right now. But then I remember that I have a Kind bar in my drawer. And that it will be both free and filling enough to tide me until lunch. So I pull it out and as I type, I'm munching on almonds and Madagascar vanilla-flavored crisp rice. It's nowhere near as satisfying as a hot breakfast sandwich, but it's tasty and it'll do.

Why am I telling you this? For self-motivation. For accountability. I've discovered that when I blog about a goal -- in this case, not spending money on eating out this month -- I'm more likely to stick to it. Because I know people see it. And sometimes, like in Sydney's recent post, I get external support and encouragement as well.

So for this month at least, I'm bringing back Fiscal Fridays as a weekly feature. I'll keep a record of all the times I want to spend money on clothes or food or whatever when I shouldn't, and document how I did. I might fail. In fact, I'm pretty certain I will at least once or twice. But by forcing myself to document it, and then share that documentation with others, I hope to succeed more often than not.

So thanks in advance for reading these posts, if you do, and my apologies if you find them completely dull. I'll try to have other Friday content for you folks as well :)


  1. Always love your fiscal fridays posts. Accountability is one of the best ways to get things done that you don't wanna do! Keep at it and you'll feel great when the month is over :)

  2. The phenomenon you report is well-documented and those of us who love you want to see you do well. So blog away!


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