Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm gonna take a page out of Sydney's book and dedicate a whole post to my weekend. Because it was that spectacular. (Some of the OU photos are from Homecoming last weekend, but that's okay. I was actually in Athens twice this weekend so I feel like it counts.)

I kicked the weekend off by taking the afternoon off at work and meeting my friend Emily, who was in town visiting from West Virginia, for lunch at Panera. We got our nails done, then drove down to Athens for some reminiscing and to pick up my sister, Anna. (Emily and I met at Ohio University, and she doesn't get nearly as many chances to visit as I do.)


We walked around, reminisced, took a bunch of photos and grabbed dinner before heading out.



Entrance to College Green, the park-like green space in the middle of campus.

And old but really pretty building on the green.

Another entrance to the green.

Scripps Hall, aka my unofficial home for four years. Most of my journalism classes were in this building.

See the teeny half-moon window in the attic of the building with the green roof? That was my bedroom junior year.


Jackie O's was my official introduction to microbreweries. They always have great beers on tap, even for someone like me who doesn't really like beer. Razz Wheat fo' life!

I dropped Emily off in Columbus that night, then Anna and I finished the drive up to our parents' house. We got there late, but Mom and Dad stayed up till an unprecedented 1 am to chat, though two of my other sisters and I didn't go to bed until after 3. For me, that is hella late, haha.

My brothers had football games on Saturday, so the girls of the family went to meet our grandma and aunt for lunch and some shopping. (I managed to stick to my no-buying-clothes commitment for the month, despite finding some SUPER cute booties.) After a noisy and enthusiastic dinner and a great win by the Buckeyes (we're an OSU family through and through), we all went on this little haunted history tour. It was pretty cute.


Anna and I drove back to Columbus later that night, because I had plans to meet Emily for brunch before she headed home. We ate at Northstar, which if you live anywhere near Columbus, you should know about. (And if you don't, shame! Go there right this second. I'm not kidding. Go.) Anna didn't feel like joining us, which was definitely her loss.

Stephanie, Emily and me. Steph went to OU with us as well and was Emily's roommate for several years.

Poached eggs, Parmesan and prosciutto on rosemary focaccia toast with arugula salad, aka the best breakfast of my entire life.

Creepin' on someone's yard. Hey, if you live next to Northstar and have a tree this pretty, expect some creeper photographers.

Then I took Anna back to Athens and finally returned home for good to do some freelance work and cleaning. Total drive time: nearly 10 hours. Total distance: approximately 550 miles. Total time that was absolutely worth it: Every dang second.


  1. That looks BEAUTIFUL! Fall is such an amazing time to travel.

  2. Cool! Thanks for sharing. It's fun getting a peek at your life.

  3. What a great weekend! Love the photos :) And OMG that breakfast looks to die for..


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